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the Daily Thread Tuesday Jan 9

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Morning all!

Nice day here, a bit cooler morning though. Which is fine, since it's not raining! That calls for a celebration, how about we enjoy the holiday?

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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready
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good morning to you all. Its been a wonderful Tuesday so I am sure your all going to enjoy it

I am going to bed, its almost 10.30pm (tuesday night) so good night all
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Nite Dan! You're still catching up on sleep from Cedy's Big Adventure I bet!
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Nite Dan! You're still catching up on sleep from Cedy's Big Adventure I bet!
ooohhh I sure AM!!! although Cedy isnt sure what all the fuss is about - spoilt cat!!

Now if only I could get my daughter to sleep through the night everything would be perfect
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Sleep well Dan

Morning peeps!. A busy day in the office today but at least the day goes quicker Not long until lunchtime as well so even better
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Gotta go and get ready to greet the little rug rats, I hope everyone here has a great day, C U when I get home this evening.
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Good morning !!

Well I couln't be happier this morning..I was woken up by a meow in the face, and about 15 minutes of purry cuddles..and now said cat is on my lap purring away I don't know whats gotten into her, but I love it!!

Its going to be cooler today here, so I guess I better bundle up..Brrrrrrrr

Anyhoo, I don't know how I am going to make it to the gym after work..I am so, I'll go but I won't like it
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We have a windy morning here in Tucson, AZ but it is warm. Should be in the high 70's today.

I am putting out some food and water for the new kittens we found yesterday at work. Hopefully I can win their trust and get them out of the drainoff place where they are living.
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It's suposed to actually SNOW in CANADA!! it's about time!!

and I need great amounts of coffee today.
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Its cooler here this mornig (22F) but sunny.
Its Neil's birthday today I made him ham/eggs and toast for breakfast and unthawed a jar of beef stew he took for lunch. I will be making something fabulous fr dinne rtonite (not sure what yet!!) I have to go to his fav ice cream shop for dessert and stopping at this cool little European bakery to look for something tasty too.
Have a headache this morning though so the errands will wait for a while!!
I should work on getting my 2006 business stuff all in a binder to put away for the taxes!! And I bought a couple of photo albums that I could start sorting out some of the pictures a bit better!!
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T'was a dull and dreary day today...but I finally got Stevie to calm down tons and now, I'm not worried about Sunday's show!!!

I'm heading to bed early for some reason or other...pray that my 3 babies allows me to actually sleep!

Have a good day all!
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Hi all. Well my Monday was horrible but Tues has some potential to be a good day. Work called again today, My boss "just wants to talk". Ok then wait until I come back tomorrow. I don't bother you on your vacation, why do you bother me on mine?
I found out yesterday that my MIL put her dog to sleep, because he was not doing well and his quality of life had gotten to the point that he was suffering, so they took the time and decided this was the best thing for him. He lived a full life but in the end, was blind, deaf and could hardly get around with out someone to help him, and was always trying to attack the younger dogs when they came within his reach(or not). She is so sad. I know she loved that little grump with all her heart and putting him down was the hardest thing she had to do so far this year. I think I will go and get her and take her out to dinner later, I know it won't take the pain away, but maybe getting out will make her feel a little better.
Other then that, I am just finishing up cleaning and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow, (UGH!)
Anyone want to go for me? I've been off since the 31st of Dec and I don't want to go back.
Oh well, you can't make money if you don't work right?

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