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This brought tears to my eyes

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Okay as most of you know I work in a nursing home. And where I work at we have about three cats that stay in our back courtyard. Well at meal time you see all three cats at the window meowing loudly. Because we are not allowed to feed these cats, staff that is we can't do anything about their hunger and some wouldn't anyway. But one of my residents is a cat lover and every night she takes what is left over from the residents that sit at her table and she has one of the girls slip it out to "her" cats.

Well today I was passing out ice water and when I got to her room I tapped on her shoulder and asked her to pass me her water picture and when I returned it I said special delivery and she giggled and I smiled and said I bet I would really get you giggling if I brung you a bundle of kittens and she said I can barely feed the ones I have now but I love them anyway. And this is a lady that like alot of us has little knick knacks that have cats on them and has a calandar that has cats and all such as that. She is the quintissential cat lady.

Well it got me to thinking why is it that this little women who is stuck in a nursing home can do so much for cats that she never gets to pet, or atleast they don't let her when I am there, but yet people who have them in their homes do so little for them. And when I think about this I am referring to people like an aquatiance of mine whose cats were crawling with fleas and skin and bones, whom she took to the pound when she got sick of. Maybe we could all learn a lesson from this little lady if we all give a little even if we can't give alot then we can do great things.
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Aw, that is very sweet of the lady..Us cat lovers won't love them any less as we age either
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That is very sweet Gail. Too bad the kitties can't come in and be pets.......I've visited nursing homes where they have inside resident cats and dogs!
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Bless her sweet heart!!

I can't help but think after reading your story that just about everyone on this site would do the same in her situation. Let's just hope that one day we outnumber the people who don't care for their cats!
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Bless her sweet heart!!
well said!
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That is so sweet and so sad. I hope someone lets her bring her happiness inside so she can live out the rest of her life in joy and peace.
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