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lights on/off travelling...

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Ok we are leaving for 36 hours, I'm putting the boys in my bedroom with their toys..their food. My room is where the litter box is. They are used to being in my room for a few hours every day because i let the birds out but this is going to be for 36 hours. I would leave them and I usually do but Orion is very curious about the birds in the last month and we have to watch him carefully. He has climbed on the cage, tries to get to them sometimes. (Isis will be boarded because of her asthma and the meds she needs).

I don't want to leave the nightlamp on after that horrible story a month ago and I'm going to unplug it to be sure nothing happens.
I was thinking about leaving the bathroom light on but I know how Orion is curious and I catch him on my counter in the morning and I really don't want him climbing on the counter and playing with stuff. I have no other lights. I moved my pole lamp a few months ago to the living room since we're in there normally and that thing is a pain to move. That room gets a lot of light during the day.
Should I clear off the counter and leave the bathroom light on or will they be ok with just the light coming through during the day?
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Hmmm, do you have anywhere you could plug in a table lamp (even if just temporarily while you're gone) where they won't mess with it? I keep my one table lamp on a timer to go on around dusk and off at like 10 or 11, so that'd be a good option if you can work it out (timers aren't all that expensive at walmart... I have a bunch of animals that live in tanks, so their lights are on timers too, haha).... if this doesn't work out for you, I guess if it was me I just wouldn't worry about the light (being concerned about the bathroom and all).... the natural light cycle will be ok for them, and they're kitties so it's not like they'll be walking around blind once the sun goes down.... ooo, another idea, do you have a tv in your room? if so, that'd be a nice warm glow and some entertainment! I leave animal planet (or one of the various DVDs Ollie has, haha) on whenever Oliver's gonna be home alone.... otherwise he finds trouble to get into... ok, good luck!
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well there isnt a place i could put it where they can't get to it so i jsut left the lights off. The room was so bright. It's the brightest room in the house. I did leave the radio on. I don't have a tv in there. They all knew something was going on but we'll be back in 24 hours so it's not too bad.
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I wouldn't leave any table or floor lamp on while your gone..You never know if they tip it over.

I usually just leave the bathroom light on.
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I would have but Orion, the kitten, gets into everything and I didn't have time to clear everything off. Everything has been so hectic this week with school and stuff!
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I really think that animals invented neither electricity, nor the lightbulb. They are mostly for our benefit and comfort. Cats have much better vision in dim light than us, so if you are worried about them knocking over a lamp, don't leave one on. You could always get a small plug in night-light if you are concerned
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Ok I'm not the most experienced with cats, but aren't cats known to be night active and able to see in the dark?? There is always a bit of light coming in through windows, and they should be fine without light... daylight should be enough, or am I totally wrong??
If I leave my cat alone for a night I never leave on the lights and she has always been fine :o)
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they do see very very well in the dark...but they haven't figured out that we can't see squat! I've stepped on a few tails!

I think they will be fine. I unplugged my nightstand lamp because i don't want to come home and find that my appartment burnt down like in that post a few months ago
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