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New Kittens

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Hi all, My name is Jenn and I became the owner of two kittens yesterday-names to be determined.

My dad and step-mom took in a stray who was pregnant. She had 5 kittens on 8/4. We got a call Saturday night that the kittens were ready and she brought them to us Sunday afternoon.

I was reading here last night the kittns usually nurse for up to 8 weeks. Is it possible that they were weaned at 5? Should I buy kitten formula for them? They are eating IAMS canned kitten food-1 teaspoon or so 3-4 times a day. One of them is also eating the dry kitten chow.

I also read about stimulating them to move their bowels. We have not seen a BM in the box yet but they were pooping on their own at my dad's house. Should we still do this? If so, how?

Sorry for all the newbie questions, but it has been several years since I owned a cat and never one this little.

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Hi Jenn, and welcome to the site. I am going to move your thread over to Health and Nutrition so it may get a few more views and some good advice on caring for kitties that are so young.
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Hi Jenn,

That is a bit young for babies to be away from mom. Ideally, they should stay with mom till they are 12 weeks of age, if there is anyway you can get them back to mom, that would be best. Mom still has a lot to teach these youngsters.

If you don't see any poop on their blanket or wherever they are at, then you will need to stimulate them with a warm damp cloth. The easiest way to do this is really over a double sink. Put something down to catch the waste, run a trickle of warm water on one side, keep the cloth or cotton at warm temperature and stimulate their bums until they let loose.

Here is a recipe that they will need to thrive on called Kitten Glop:

1 envelope Knox unflavored gelatin
1 12 oz can goat's milk
3 tablespoons plain yogurt
3 teaspoons clear karo syrup
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 egg (optional)

Boil water, mix in gelatin. Add other ingredients and mix with beater or blender. Serve warm or chilled.

Can be frozen in ice cube trays and defrosted as needed.

When you feed them this, make sure it is warm and not cold or at room temperature. Just zap it seconds in the microwave and make sure it is not too hot. Also be sure that you kitten proof your home.Kittens love to chew on electrical cords and such.

Good luck with these guys!
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