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food in water?

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I bought one of those things that holds 5 pounds of food. We are going to be gone for 36hours and I free feed the cats and i thought this would be good. I have it in my room already because they will be in my room. The kitten is too curious about the birds to be trusted for that long.
So food is there and then their big bowl of water. I go in there to get the suitcase and someone has taken the food and put it in the bowl...

Why and how?
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They either decided they wanted wet food or they were just playing around and some fell in (kibbles make good hockey pucks for kitties ). They could have batted it with their paw or picked it up in their mouth and dropped it in. You can try moving the water dish to a different area in the room to see whether it was accidental or on purpose.
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i mean it wasn't just a little bit, it was a LOT. Stinkers!

I looked all evening and tried to catch whoever did it in the act but they didn't do it again.

I'll move it to be sure they don't do that while we're gone...sheesh!
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When my Penelope was a kitten, she used to make 'gravy' with her water and dry food. I would suspect your kitten. She hasn't done that since, but it was about half of her food that she would saturate when she wanted her gravy. Aww, you gotta love 'em!
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Might have to do with the curiosity of the new kibble bowl too... I have the water thing that matches the food one and I keep them right next to each other, but Oliver sometimes scoops kibble to eat out of his paw so occasionally a few pieces of kibble ends up in the water (I know, it's not the whole bowl, haha).... I would try seperating your food and water bowls so at the very least if they are rummaging around in the new kibble bowl while you're gone and a bunch comes out, it's just on the floor where they can still eat it and not in the water... let them watch when you move things so they see where everything is
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Reeses does this all the time. Her bowl has two compartments, one for water, one for food, and I have it in the corner of the kitchen. She'll stand on the back of the dish, straddling it and will take one piece of food at a time and drop it in her water. Then she'll fish it out with her paw and eat it. She'll eat "normally" too but she likes to do this alot. She's a weirdo
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The whole water bowl had floating kibbles...lol

Well I moved the bowl for now. The food bowl has always been near the water bowl but who knows! Maybe they were trying to see how much they could fit in the water..lol

I wouldn't have been too worried except we're out of town now and we'll be back in 24 hours and i can't imagine them with a gravy bowl for 24 hours. I left 3 bowls of water.
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