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2005. The previous owners built the house, but only got to stay in it a few months before they had to move for family reasons. So we got an almost new house

I wanted something older with a little charm that comes with older places, but you don't really see that around here. The old houses in this area are kind of squat and boring. Ahh... someday I'll get my old charming house
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Old houses creep me out. I'm always afraid there might be a body hidden somewhere in the house, or there was a murder there. I used to live in a old-ish house with my parents when I was younger, we were tearing down one of the walls to make two small bedrooms into one big family room, and we found a suicide note in the wall. Took my parent's couple days of digging and asking around, but they found that there was indeed a suicide in the house many years ago. We moved out a few years later, but even before we found that note I always had an uneasy feeling while I was there. When we finally moved out it was like a huge burden left my shoulders.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
We built(literally, dad built it) our house in 1998-1999. Old house was put together with wooden pegs. Maybe built in the early 1900s???
My house the foundation is still big slabs of stone/rocks put on top of each other with some weird looking (old) cement stuff in between the first half. The back half is just rock on rock. Also dirt floors.
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