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UTI and Heavy breathing

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I have a couple of questions and I'm hoping that someone can answer them. I'm suspecting that Paulie, my 10mo kitten has UTI. I'll be talking him to the vet this Saturday but I was wondering how will they check if it's UTI. What kind of test should I expect? And also, I've noticed that Paulie gets tired very easily. He is super active and hiper but many times he breaths heavily afterwards. I took him to the vet once, but the doctor didn't hear anything wrong. What kind of problem could that be? My other cat, which passed away very recently had similar problem and it was due to the heart murmur. Did anybody had similar problem? Please advise.

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I have no idea with the UTI but being winded can be a heart problem or asthma. I would have your vet check for either one of those possibilities.
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I'm interested in answers to this, too. When our Oberon had a UTI, he was squatting to pee along the wall instead of the litter box, and his pee was pink (had blood in it). The vet could feel that his bladder was full, and with the symptoms, knew Oberon had a UTI and blockage.

The other symptoms you describe could be several thiings. A vet will be able to tell what's going on. Do you think you can arrange to have the vet see him before Saturday?

Let us know. Sending good thoughts to you and Paulie!

Cheers, from
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I would NOT wait until saturday, if you suspect that it is a UTI. Especially in a male cat, who can block so easily. If he is blocked, he will die within 48 hours! Take him in ASAP.
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please take him ASAP
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Well, I'm not sure whether or not he has UTI. A couple of weeks ago, he peed in our bad. The pee seemed to be normal (no blood in it). It made me little nervous, but I decided to monitor his behavior. And he was acting normal. Yesterday, I've noticed that he is little agitated, and was looking around. I put him in the litter box, he stepped out, and he went back in. He peed (pee was normal again), but then he came back to the litter box again and did #2. I've noticed that sometimes he acts like this when he needs to do #2. So I'm not sure whether or not he has UTI. If I notice that something isn't right I'll take him to the vet right away. I remember that my old cat used to get 'wild' before going to the bathroom for #2. Is that something that other people have notice?
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Some cats prefer to do their #2 business in a separate box. You might try giving him a second litter box.
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peeing in inappropriate places can be a sign of UTI, with or WITHOUT blood. Please get him checked, it can be deadly.
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Vet Asap
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Ok, so I went to the vet, and he gave Paulie Clavamox drops for mild UTI, since his temperature was a little higher than normal. If it comes to the hard breathing, luckily the doc didn't find anything unusual with either his heart or lungs. He said that since the cat gets overexcited that's might be why. He seems to breath like this when he gets energized. I'm relived, that his hearth seems to be ok. This is opinion of the second vet so I guess he is fine.
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