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Pics of my baby "girl"

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Yes, its Daddy's little girl, Sassy!

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...and pose #2...

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Awww Billy she is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! But you know that already eh?? haha.. to that little cutie!!!
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So Beautiful and so cuddly, I love her poses it makes you just want to curl up with her. You must be very proud of her.
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What a doll! She must be a sweet heart.........
Mmmmmm Hmmmmmm.....Daddy's little girl!

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She's definitely my little sweetie! But, she's got plenty of "attitude" to offset that cuteness!

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What a cutie!
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You sure put a smile on my face with those cute pics. Hey, I've got a Daddy's little girl with attitude, too. Maybe Daddy's just spoil their little girls too much...a question for the ages. LOL
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Oh Sassy is so cute! She looks like she is just begging to have her belly scratched!
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Oh Bill, she is such a doll face
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Oh my my - she is so precious!!!!!!! I would love to kidnap her.......
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Hey Bill, I think she needs a soft pink "Baby Blankey" for when she takes naps. Oh...she would just look so cute. My cat Spot has a baby blanket and he loves it....the other cats know not to go near it... <Grin>
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She is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the pics!

XOXO from Jedi!
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Hey Kim Spot is in camouflage. You should have sent that one into captions.:tounge2:
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I thought I submitted that pic in a while ago....hmmmm, not sure....could still be in a stack. I love that pic, though. Spot really is attached to his blanket—maybe he thinks its his mommy? <grin>
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Awww bill! Does she LOVE to pose for the camera or what??? I know this is a dumb question, but does she have a tail or is she a bobtail?
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@Kim: I LOVE that pic with the blanket! She'll sleep darn near anywhere, mostly balled up on top of the kitty condo.

@Kumbulu: Yes, she has a tail, but she's very much in the habit of keeping it tucked while sleeping.

Sassy was really little when we adopted her last year. She hasn't grown much, but I consider her "petite". She's about 15 months old now and she is slowly becoming less and less skittish about being touched, although she has definite "issues" on just where and how you touch. She's becoming a little bit of a head-butter, but she's not exactly snuggle material. She loves rubbing her face on anything!

Thanks, everyone, for the kind comments on my baby!

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I love your cowcat.
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What cat?!?!? All I saw was a blankie!!!
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Bundylee & billchamb
I catch him marching and drooling on that blanket often, then he curls up in a tight ball and sleeps the rest of the day away. But he doesn't tuck his tail in like that's even cuter!!!

I think he should model for Gateway <Grin>

Kumbulu - that's exactly what we say to Spot when he lays down on his blanket.....we say, "Where's Spot? I guess he's hiding again" —We do it long enough until a genuine look of concern appears on his face, then he jumps out at us—I think he lives for those moments...
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That is just toooooo cute!!!
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I just read my own post Choc-full-o-Typo's! LOL!

Do I lose credibility for going back 2 days letter and running spell check?


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Hmm not sure about that Kim... but you could go back two days LATER to do spell check!! :LOL: :LOL:
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