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Anyone else have a problem with their cats wiping their butts on things like carpet....clean clothes....BEDS THis morning my kitten did it AGAIN but on the bed and left a little smear of poop. GROSS. I was SO mad, I had just WASHED them this weekend! I have seen dogs do it but not can I stop her from doing this....its GROSS. I have seen her do it on carpet, bath mats, clean clothes that I am trying to fold and now my BED. ANY suggestions are welcome.
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I've heard that can be from feeling a bit constipated. Maybe check the water availability? I'm not sure beyond that what might make them do that or how to get them to stop. Usually my cats have done it on the floor only, and not repeatedly
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Radar once wipped his butt on a Travis CD; I think he was attempting to cover faeces when his litter needed changing but then I can only imagine our intelligent cat was making some kind of intellectual judgement
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Is this the same girl you had problems with earlier? It might well be that she is a little constipated. I remember when Billy first had problems with that - being the little drama freak he is, he jumped out of the litter box and started scooting his butt on the floor like something was attacking him back there -he looked so panicked! My ex and I had to rescue him, pin him down, and remove the offending piece of poop. It was gross, but highly amusing at the same time. Make sure she's drinking enough water and getting moisture/fiber in her diet. That oughta help!
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Yes this is the same girl I had problems with before. It must be a little constipation then. I have seen her drink water but I guess its still not that much. I am gonna give her some wet food more often. RIght now she doenst get any wet food, just Science Diet kitten food. Hopefully that will help. I only have adult cat wet food right now though. Is that OK to give her or do I need to go get wet kitten food. (she is 5 months) What should I do about more fiber?
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Pumpkin is great for fiber. You can just buy canned pumpkin (not pie mix, just plain pumpkin) and just add a little bit in with the wet food. My two liked it, so it wasn't a problem getting them to eat it. It may be something she grows out of - Billy used to have more of a problem with constipation than he seems to now. If she's eating mostly the kitten food, I would think a little adult wet should be fine...if it is going to become a main part of her diet, I would get her some kitten wet. Good luck, the poop thing is pretty nasty!
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Might not hurt to take her to the vet. She could have something that is making her lil butt itchy, hence all of the rubbing on the carpet, bed, clothes, etc.

Extreme Kitty Lover
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I don't know about cats, but if this is going on with a dog it means their scent glands are blocked, a groomer or vet can fix it (they just squeeze, it's gross). Take a trip to the vet to see what's up of the fiber doesn't change things.
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Teddy used to do the butt drag across the floor. It turns out that his anal glands needed to be expressed. That solved all his problems!
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this can be a number of things.
1.. worms
2.. glands need to be expressed
3.. like others have said constipated.
when one of my kittens was between 4-6 weeks she was constipated , she use to cry when she went to the litter tray and go mad after , i used to have to get some tissue hold her and pull ever so lightly to removing the remaining poo. poor girl glad it sorted itself.
best bet would be to take a quick trip to the vets just to be on the safe side.
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It sounds like your kitty needs her anal glands expressed. A vet tech can do it, so call your vet's office. Please try not to be too mad at your kitty; it is not her fault if her anal glands need to be expressed. If it continues, they will probably suggest increasing her fiber. Light or hairball control food has extra fiber. Also, canned pumpkin, as someone already suggested, Metamucil, or All-Bran cereal or bran muffins.
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So if I get her anal glands expressed will that stop it completely if that is all it is? Is this something she may grow out of? I just started a new job and don't have alot of time right I am trying to figure out the easiest and least expensive thing to do. Would I see other symptoms if she has worms?
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Sometimes the glands will get clgged again and you'll have to have them expressed again. My cat does this occasionally (MUCH less frequently than in the past) and after discussing this with my vet, we decided it was because her bowels were so firm and dry that it was hurting her to poop and so she'd drag her bottom to soothe the pain. I added a bit of pumpkin to her diet and it's pretty much taken care of that problem. She will still do it, but very, very, very occasionally now.

First of all, take your little one to the vet to rule out things like parasites and compacted anal glands. Then talk to your vet about adding a little bit of pumpkin (like 1/2 t a day) to some wet food. If you start her out now with it, she'll probably grow to like the pumpkin and it's an excellent source of fiber for her. My now 18 mo cat started eating pumpkin when she was 6 mos old and LOVES it!

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Butternut squash is good too. My two cats love it, they meow everytime they see me taking the jar out of the fridge and spoons.
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