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Canadian Rockies

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My in-laws will be visiting us in late April to early May. My MIL wants to see the Canadian Rockies. She doesn't know specifically what she wants to see, she's just heard they're lovely

I don't know if she has any idea just how big the Rockies are.... And we know nothing about the Rockies either. Except they go for a long way. And they're rocky..

So does anyone have any recommendations of some nice places to go to see the Rockies? Is there some particular part (preferably on the Canadian side) that's nice and tourist friendly? I guess we'd like to stay in a B&B or a cheapish hotel. The in laws wouldn't be too keen on "roughing it".

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm kind of surprised that the Canadian members haven't seen this. I just know the Rockies on this side of the border and they are tall, rocky and there are areas accessible to tourists. I've been in Canada only once and that was Vancouver which have some great mountains surrounding it.

There are some pictures from outside of Vancouver here.
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I did see this yesterday, Jana, but without anything like enough time to think about a response.

I've travelled through the Rockies once by train and twice by bus, and crossed them many times by air, but not actually spent much time in the area. So, what I can offer is not at all first hand, but my first suggestion is google Canadian Rockies. You'll get a whole raft of hits, and they look good. This will give you a bit of an idea how broad the subject is, and maybe help you narrow down areas of interest.

I also know a couple (and maybe others, when I stop and think) who may be able to offer some first hand suggestions, and will check that out. J&S are outdoors types, not spendthrift, but over 60, so I doubt they're into roughing it, either. They're very fond of the Rockies. One of their cats is named after Yoho National Park.

I'll leave you with that for now.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
I did see this yesterday, Jana, but without anything like enough time to think about a response.
What? TCS isn't your top priority Fran was a lot of help when I went to Vancouver so any info from her is always useful.
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I would recommend Banff or Jasper parks. Very well set up for tourists, and spectacular scenery.
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Here's the response to my email to S...

"Fran, I do have a suggestion: the place where we have gone for many years which is in Yoho Park right off the Trans-Canada highway between Golden B.C. and Lake Louise, Alberta. It is a small apartment (reasonable—about $120 a night) in a little town called Field. It is in the middle of some of the most gorgeous country in the world—not too many tourists, and with easy access to the Icefields Parkway which is a stunning drive in the middle of the highest mountains. The apartment is in the Mt. Stephen Guesthouse (250-343-6441) or And the owners are Kim and Craig Chapman. The Chapmans could provide them with lots of other information, including other guesthouses at Field in case theirs is booked for the time they want to go."

Hope this helps.
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Oh wow, thank you SO much, that's wonderful!!!! I really appreciate, hopefully we can take them up on their advice! That's just what we're looking for - beautiful area, but not TOO touristy!
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Wow, just had a look at the website and it looks PERFECT!! They have 2 one bedroom guesthouses, so the in-laws could have one, and we could have the other - so we'll get provacy still! Woohoo!

And it's low season as well, so pretty cheap! Thanks again!!!
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Glad to help. I hope it works out for you.
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Fran, you are the best!!!!
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
Fran, you are the best!!!!
We try. Hey, I want people to have a good experience in my country!
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