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Attention Dana Fans!!

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Time goes too quickly...our little Dana is now 10-months old!! Just wanted to share some recent pics. of her and can't wait for her 1-year birthday party (will post pics. of her from her rough beginning to present).

For those of you that do not know Dana (long thread entitled "A Face Only a Mother Could Love")...well...long story short, she had a very rough start. She came to me at 4-weeks old as a foster with too many ailments to list right now and blossomed into a her to pieces

Dana fostering 2 of my fosters

Dana snuggling w/her buddy Buster

She still has no eyelashes and her teeth resemble those of a Great White but we absolutely adore her!!
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I love the photo of her cuddling the kittens.
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She has come a long way, look at that little beauty
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OMG she has come some far. How precious she is now.
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She's such a sweeetie I love the second picture, she looks as though she's covering her mouth and laughing
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What a pretty girl! But we knew that from the beginning - and so did you.
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She's beautiful!!!

I love the picture of her with the kittens. I love how she's hugging the little orange one. So sweet
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what a gorgeous girl I the pictures of her and the kittens thats my favorite
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What a pretty girl! Good job getting her well and seeing her beauty from the start. Obviously she is a special kitty and it looks like she is a great helper with your foster kits.
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Heres the link about Dana, and although long it's well worth the read

My goodness look at her playing mummy
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Oh, there's our little Dana..........she sure is a beauty now..........
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Wow... she's getting so big, and beautiful!
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