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I finally got the "pun" of Eric and Shian, last night, as I was about to fall asleep. Duh! Don't I feel silly.

Jeanie, I'm glad you quit smoking.

Kimward, I think the only part of my body that is a size 2 is my thigh, too. I really have to get back to Weight Watchers.
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*Lights up a ciggy and eats a twinky whilst reading this thread*
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OH JOY OH JOY!!!!!!!! Could this day get ANY better!??!?!?! First of all BOD CAME HOME this-morning, and now, NOW we're going to get the puppies tonight instead of tomorrow!!!!!!!! How cool is that?!?!!? Oh yeeees!!!! This weekend I WILL be setting up out comp at home so hoefully I will have some pics for you all on Monday!! (HOPEFULLY, I'm not making any promises!!! :LOL: )

Happy happy joy joy!!
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Rhea, you must be about to burst! Happy kitty returns and now early puppies - how fun!!!

Yes, we must have puppy pics ASAP. They sound so cute!
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You know its not often a day as good as this one happens.. I wish you all could fly over here and have a "welcome back/welcome to your new home" party with me!!! :LOL:
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It has to be one of the best days ever! I'm so happy for you. Goodbye, slippers, shoelaces, and dry floors. It's worth it though.
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OK Well, I'm a size 8 with bum-length blonde curly hair and legs up to my armpits. My breasts, teeth, lips, eyes, chin, nose, thighs, neck and bottom are all perfect, NOT due to any sort of extra-bodily-type enhancement but because of the fact I don't smoke, drink, party or eat and go to the gym 14 times a week. I tell you this in all truthfulness with my hand upon my ample bosom.

PS Steve Erwin is an alien, there are voices in my head and cats were put on earth to secretly take over the world and make it their mouse kingdom.
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Tania! You sound like my twin! You know part of my father's family left England for Australia, and he came here! We're probably look-alike cousins. I know you'll want to pay my fare on the QE2 so that I can come over and stay a week or so! (or a month or two--well, no longer than a year...) I hope you have a big yard for my collie to run in, and my kitties and I prefer percale sheets to satin, and on our breakfast tray, a rose and ---oh, well, I'll send you a list, cousin!
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You hear voices too, mate?
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One of my favorite t-shirts/bumber stickers is:

You're just jealous that the voices only talk to ME!
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Originally posted by BodLover
You know its not often a day as good as this one happens.. I wish you all could fly over here and have a "welcome back/welcome to your new home" party with me!!! :LOL:
Rhea.....I wish we DID live closer!!!! I would be at your house right now hugging you and Bod, and waiting for those pups to show up!!! I truely wish we did live closer!
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Oh boy...puppy day!!!!
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Rhea...I am SO excited for you! And the Eric...Sian thing? Way too funny! I didn't get it right away either (not a natural blonde, but we all have our moments!) but once I did, I laughed so hard I spit Pepsi all over the place!

Post some pics of the adorable "poopies" soon...we are all bursting with excitement for you!
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Hi all!!!! WE HAVE POOPIES!!!!! We finally got home last nigth with them at about 9:45pm, after over and hours drive!!! And amazingly, they didn't wee, poop or sick AT ALL!!!! They are soooooo good!!! They didn't even cry on the way home!!!!! They just sat in their crate on the back seat watching, sleeping, and watching some more!!! haha!! And last night they were inbelievable!! No crying or yelping at all through the night, they didn't even wak up till we went downstairs to see them!!!

They are so cute, and I can't get over how good they are, they go outside to toilet (well, when Mum and Dad remember to let them out!!! haha... we need training more than they do!!) They have had a good play session thismorning for a couple of hours before I left for work, playing tug of war with each other and a rope toy... they have "hunted and killed" the treat ball a few times and now they are happily shredding the newspaper I put down for them...

But whats even more unbelievable is that, when I put their bowl of water down for them, Bod just leaps right into the kitchen, stright to their water bowl and starts drinking, the two pups join him, and all three are drinking out of the same bowl and they've only just that second met!!! Then the pups start to clean Bod!! and Bod lets them!!!!! I'm so pleased they are getting on so well, I'm sure I'll get home tonight to find Bod curled up with them on thier bed... :laughing:
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PS Heidi - I got to get me one of those bumper stickers!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Hey hammie girl that's just too cool. get a pic of them all drinking for the caption this forum. :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Ohmygoodness! That is wonderful! Your post just made me want to kidnap them all!
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Rhea - that is fantastic news about your first night as 'doggy momma'! Icanot wait to see some pics of the poopers either!!!!
Enjoy your weekend with them!
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I promise I will try and beat hubby into setting the computer up tomorrow!! bless him... he has a list of things to do this weekend, so one more on the end won't hurt... (hec he might not even notice it!! haha!!)
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How great is that! I was really wondering how the kitties would react to new poopies, especially since their big adventures just finished. I wish I could have seen that.
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It's great that Bod has accepted the puppies and vice versa. Had he been around dogs before? I knew the collies would love the cats, but since the cats are adults, I didn't know if they'd accept the pups. I'm so glad it worked out!
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That is great news that the "poopies" are getting along so well with Bod. I am sooo jealous! Mike and I want a border collie SO bad...but we live in an apartment right now and I want to have a back yard for the baby to run around and play. So...we should be out of here in about 7 months or so...and then!

Doggie days are here again!

Male Border Collie = Neo
Female Border Collie - Trinity

I can't wait!!!
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Glad to hear everything is going so well with the poopies!
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How are Bod and the poopies doing? Please, please, please post a pic as soon as you can! Can't wait to see the cuties!!
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Thanks all!! The poopies are still doing great!!! I am going to post some pics today - so keep an eye out!! (I'll start a new thread)

Jeff24Girl - Hope you get your pups soon!! and yes, I would recommend a back yard for them!!! :laughing:
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Rhea - you lucky woman you! They sound adorable! I bet Bod is just luring them into a false sense of security right now, by the time you get home Bod will either have slave dogs or have them hung up by their poor little doggie toes telling all of hteir secrets!
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