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Zombie at my front door wanting candy!!!!
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LOL!!! I must be CRAZY! My Alphabet Game Post somehow made it in here...Sorry!!! That explains the Zombie comment above....
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PLEASE somebody give that woman some coffee!!!!!!!!
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I think the mommy of these little Border Collies should explain it. How old are you, incidentally?
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LOL Jeanie I am 36 and I thought I pretty much knew it all and I have been told I have a 'Dirty sense of humour' But I still don't get it LOL
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Budylee - I don't get it either...of course, I barely fit for typing this evening… LOL!!!!

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Zombie at my front door? You don't deserve to know--not 'til you beg!
Bundylee, check your PM s.
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Not to mention the Zombie at my keyboard

Jeanie G - Apparently, I'm prone to type-o's when I get sleepy. The "Zombie at the door" post was meant for the Alphabet game


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Jeanie - I need a PM too! I have been saying that over and over and over and over and over and over and I stil don't get Eric and Shian......
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Bundylee: You might not get it yet...but hey! You're almost to 200!!!
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BundyLee, Deb25..wanna' know????????
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I wanna know too! I just don't get it, but at least I am in good company. Eric and Sian? I've said those names to myself, and nothing. Help!
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OK - One last hint:

Pronounce Eric like normal
Pronounce Sian (Shawn) but this time use the spelling
tion, which is also pronounced like (Shawn)

example: Notion, emotion, evolution

Connect "TION" to the first name and say it fast several times

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Oh My God.......that was just way too subtle for me LOL. You girlys are bad.
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Phew glad someone else explained that - and it wasn't left to me!! (thanks for volunterring me JEanie!!! youuuuu.....:laughing: )

OMG I just explained the Eric-Shaan thing to my work friend, rather loudly, and I didn't realise there was a visitor sat in Reception listening to everything!!! OMG!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Boy do I feel bad!!!!! :LOL: :LOL:
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I hope he took as long to get it as some of us did!!! :LOL: :LOL:
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Whew! See, I didn't say anything because I thought I was just being thick-headed and blonde. Thanks for explaining that Eric Sian thing. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't get it.
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LOL! I tried to be gracious with that hint....Whew!
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Heidi! Please tell me you have brown hair. I have a mental picture of you in brown hair, and I don't want to change you to a blonde. I had (and still do) pronounced Rhea's name incorrectly, even though I try not to! I think of her name as Ray-ah, and it's Ree-ah. I don't want you to change hair colors in my head. I picture you with brown hair and eyes, about 5'6", and 125 lbs. If you're five foot two, eyes of blue, it will be too much for my poor brain to handle!
By the way, I am 5'8", 135 lbs., and have dark brown hair and eyes. How about the rest of you before I get all mixed up?
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Sometimes I'm blonde from the roots in, but yes, I do have mousy brown hair, and I'm 5'6". You have a good memory, Jeanie. We did answer those questions in another thread a few weeks ago. I'll let you keep thinking the 125 lbs, though. LOL
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valanhb: LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!
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Oh yeah Jeanie, I'm tall and verrrry slim with the pefect figure... only 125lbs too... yep with great skin, teeth and hair.... man I'm SUCH a babe.... What!??!?! Whaddya mean you know thats a LIE!!!!!!! Its true!!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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I am 5'9" - 128lbs...about a size 1 NO...size 2...I think...wait! my thigh is ummmmm a size 2...Oh, forget it... Today, I am a Natural brunette ROTFL!
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Kim!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: "My thigh is a..." That is too funny!! I say the exact same thing!!!!!! "Yeah that size 6 (smallest size you can get in the UK shops) will fit me lovely.... round the ankle!!!! " :LOL:
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BodLover - I'm still laughing at that post...do I sound less than truthfull? ROTFL!!!
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I'll tell ya, if you ever want to get really depressed (not that you do) go to a designer boutique and try on clothes. We used to have a Versace boutique here that I would go into a drool. They were having a season clearance sale, so I thought what the heck? OK, so on sale a shirt was still $75, but it was better than the $200 they wanted originally. I found this adorable skirt, reasonably priced (for Versace), and even in my size! Hooray! Until I get into the dressing room - the darn thing literally fit around my thigh!
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Heidi, I didn't read that thread! I must be psychic! Oh boy, I'm going to be rich! Rhea, I know you're tall and thin.
I guess we're supposed to tell the truth, huH/ We...llll., I did weigh 131 a few months ago, but I've been munching since I quit cigarets, and I don't want to see the scale! And my hair IS naturally dark brown, with a bit of help from Clairol. Ok, since I've developed my new psychic powers, you all have to come clean. I have a pair of Kmart stretchy shorts that fit me fine, and they cost $5.98--nothing but the best!
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Jeanie G. - You quit!? Good for you!!!!! Really!!! I know how tough it is to quit smoking...Ohhhhhhh do I ever!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by debra myers
Jeanie - I need a PM too! I have been saying that over and over and over and over and over and over and I stil don't get Eric and Shian......
OMG!!!! I just read the rest of this thread! I had totally missed this part before!!! I got to this post by Deb and said those names over a couple times, and suddenly burst out laughing!!! (I needed to laugh, so thanks ) I actually got it right away...not sure what that says about me, though! :laughing:

You guys are a riot!!!!
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