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Puppy update!!!!

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Hoooorah hooooray!!!!!! The puppies are coming home with us THIS FRIDAY!!!!!! A week earlier than expected!!! YEEEEESSS!!! Now I don't have to wait sooo looong!!! I have taken a whole roll of photos, (We went to see the poopies on Saturday) and they are soooo cute!!! Now I just have to get my scanner working so I can post a million pics!!! :LOL:
We spent all day yesterday "Puppyfying the house and garden, filled in a manky old pond (don't worry, fishes were all re-homed safely haha) and building a "doggy den"!! Oh the excitement!!! Darn I gotta get those pics up here!!!!
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Excellent news!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!
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That is great!!! I can't wait to see the pictures of them!!! (did you mean to call them poopies, or was that a typo?) :laughing: I wasn't actually sure! I'm glad you are getting them a week early!!!
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:LOL: Yes Debby, I did mean to call the m "poopies" its just the dumb way I say it when I'm doing "baby talk" you know the kind ..... plus I usually find it quite fitting!!! :LOL:
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:LOL: I thought maybe you meant to say it, but I still had to tease you a little! :LOL:
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:LOL:.... don't worry love, you are still the Queen of type-os!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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You are so right! :laughing:
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Congratulations Rhea and Sam!!!! :blubturq:

Post pics as soon as you can!!
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Rhea, You will have the puppies Friday? I don't know how you contained yourself all morning. I know how excited you were. I call "poopies" piddle paws. Gee, I hoped no one deletes my post for saying that!! They are a wee bit of work , but oh, so worth it. Be consistent about putting the paper closer and closer to the door and finally to the spot you want them to go outside. Take them to the paper when they awaken and after they eat. Oh, what memories this brings back! Tell us everything tomorrow, please!
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Puppies are so much fun! I'm excited for you, Rhea.

Jeanie, that's so funny you call puppies "piddle paws." Our Felicia's other name was Diddo, which evolved from Piddle (Piddle, to Piddo, to Diddo) because when she was a little baby puppy we would go outside and she would piddle a little here, and piddle a little there. She never did "go" all in one spot. :laughing2
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Can't wait to see the pictures! You are certainly brave to be taking in more than one puppy at a time! Have you decided on names yet?
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I a soooo excited for you! I am sorry that I didn't see this a bit sooner - you are sleeping now
WOOF WOOF Rhea.......
I cannot wait to see the pics of the little poopies
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Thanks people!! And yes we have decided on names, one is to be called Murphey and the other is going to be Rye Eee I can't wait!! But I REALLY have to get my scanner working!! I have a pile of poopie pictures waiting!!
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Hey Bod, can I pinch your puppy's names for the favourite cat names thread????? LOL
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Bundy, you are terrible!! LOL
Bod - one day closer.....I can hear the little woof woofs already!
Great names, BTW!!!
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Thanks Deb!! and yes Bundy.... steal away!! :LOL: (which one are you pinching!?!?) Only 3 days to go!! (cos of course, you don't count today... hahaha) I think everyone at work is getting sick of seeing the pictures now.... :laughing:
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Bod - I am surprised you are not calling them 'Pop and Tart'!
(sorry, I am up WAY to early with VERY little sleep!)
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:LOL: Would've been good, but y'know, I don't know how hubby would feel about shouting "TART" across the park at one of them!!!! :LOL:
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He might be surprised at the responses that he gets !
Thanks for making me spit my coffee all over the monitor!!
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Glad to be of service....
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Bod - great news about the pups, can't wait to hear all the stories from Friday onwards!

My friend had 2 cats which she called Eric and Sian (Shaan). If you say the 2 names together quickly, you also can end up being very red-faced when shouting their names
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debra myers what can I say, need those names LOL.

BodLover Thanks mate...... is it okay if I use all of them???? LOL you know it's for research purposes. hehehehe. :tounge2:

Hey Yola Can I use your kitties names too???? :tounge2:
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Yole I can just imagine... guess you have to say those names nice and slow and seperate!! :laughing:

And Yes Bundy feel free to use them all!!
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OMG!! I just got it! LOL
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Tart!! Here, Tart? Yep, got that one right away, I had to call Eric and Shian so many times before I got it! Tsk tsk! Would I think of something like that? Well-------
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Jeanie, I can just imagine you sitting there calling and calling Eric, Sian, Eric, Sian! I hope the neighbors didn't hear, they might have thought it was a new witch chant!!

You see, I didn't get that one for so long either because of my sweet and very innocent nature. :angel2: :LOL: :LOL:
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Bod! I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see pictures!!! I think I remember a post with a picture of the type of dog you are getting? Or am I confusing this with another? Anyways.....that picture was cute!

Quite the exciting gang you are here also. I know where to turn whenever I get stuck for a name! The imagination here is endless!

Here goes Bod.....sleepless nights are just around the corner!!!!
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I Still Don't Get It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PHuleeaassssseeeeeee can some one explain
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