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you guys are so lucky when i get home amy is waiting on the bottom of the stairs giving me the "where the hell have you been look" then sits in the middle of the hall way so you have to step over her untill she has forgiven me for going out or she decides she is hungry
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Pixel will run over and go YOW YOW YOWWWWWWW, meanwhile Boo literally throws himself sideways into my legs and then arches his back.
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
Got one............this is how Moofs say "hi"
Yup, thats exactly what Trout does Its so cute eh?
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Limerick usually comes running, but if he is in the same room he just walks over to me. Either way he talks up a storm.... soo cute!
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Frankie just looks at me and either yawns or just stares
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Dusty runs to her scratching board and does a few scratches. Then as soon as I sit down, or lie down on the sofa, she is on me snuggled as close to my face as she can get and give me sweet kitty kisses - rubs her forehead against my mouth. She is soooo affectionate!
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Gosh - I can't get over how much Moofi looks like my Melchett - especially the long stretchy leg thing she is doing in the pic!!!

I love coming home to my boys - they are normally lined up in the front window and hgear my car pull up. When I unlock the back door they cal come skidding round the kitchen door to greet me. Paddy is the most talkative of the lot and screams at me whenever he seems me!!
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Kinah doesn't really greet me... she's afraid of strangers so she hides when I come home, just in case someone else is with me.

With Joshua, it depends. He usually rubs his face on the floor and meows.
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He doesn't! I have to go grab him off wherever it is he's passed out asleep and hug him and give him kisses. He likes to sleep until I come wake him up. Haha!
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Jasmine- she's like a little doggie when we come home- she's always greeting us wagging her tail and kissing us!!!

Velvet- she'll stick one paw out and gently touch my arm while letting out a long MEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWW. She's my it's like our little routine.

Isabella- she'll hiss and run away from me

Abilene- she'll slowly look up and me and "meep"
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Mine are like kids, they only come up to me to see if I brought them anything, lol

Buffy and Molly will come right up to me and Buffy will sniff my hands if I offer them to her, but Willow will "saunter" over, like the cool teenager, and will sit pretty as can be and try to judge from where she's sitting whether or not I bought her any presents, lol
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Charlie gives me nudges and cuddles and he is always waiting for me when i come home. I feel very special
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Iris runs up to me and starts yelling immediately, then tries to lead me to the closet that has the feather toys in them. She only does it when I come home, not when my husband does.

Chloe saunters up and stretches out her back legs and acts like I've interrupted her nap; or she'll jot over and do her butt/tail-shaky thing. Depends on her mood mostly.
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My cats hear the door start to open and they all come barrelling towards the door and jump all over us's soo cute!
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