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Radio question of the day: 01/08/07

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Do you have a walk in closet in your home?
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Yes I do. I love it too!
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No, I do not.
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lol I have a closet you can walk in to, but I'm pretty sure its not big enough to qualify as a real walk-in closet! My old apartment had one, and my parents do back home.
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Yes I do off the Master Bath, just more room for more stuff
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I wish!!
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Sort of. It's more of a closet within a closet. There's actually this little room at the top of my steps that has two built in closets on one side and cabinets on the other. It even has its own window and radiator. Good place for the litter boxes and for storage!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I wish!!
Someday I will!! I did back home and I wish I still did!!
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Yes, huge closet in our master bedroom.
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Originally Posted by Tari View Post
I don't either Tari...........
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Technically, I guess we have three walk-in closets: one in the bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the hallway (that doesn't have a door). All three are so cluttered with stuff that you can't "walk" into them any more (and actually, the door-less one is where the litterboxes are kept, so the only ones walking in there are the kitties!). I cannot complain about lack of storage space in my apartment.
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nope! in fact my BR is so tiny that my queen bed is right infront of my closet and I can barely get into it so I really don't use my closet, all my clothes are on my kitchen table
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I'm not sure if it would be considered a walk in closet or not. The one room has a room before you get into the bedroom that has been turned into a closet.
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Yes I do... but it's just for storage not for clothes. It's nice, because we can fit almost everything in there.
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yes, my hall closet is a walk in, we keep coats in there, with games on the top shelf, kitty litter, cat food, tools, the vaccuum, the broom, the mop....
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Yes....well technically it's a 'bedroom' with lots of stuff and no bed.....might as well be a closet! The closets in this house are horrible! Litterally the width of it's door and no more!
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I wish I did. That would be pretty nifty.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I wish!!
haha me too. i have a big closet but it wouldnt classify as a walk-in one.
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nope. We only have two closets now. DH thought he needed to turn one of the three closets in the house into a dark room and now it's a catch all room for his fish junk and all the stuff the never used after we paid an arm an a leg for it so he could "develop all these cool pictures". Can I borrow your hammer Susie?
I've been trying to get my closet back but he's not very cooperative, and complains that he won't have anywhere to keep his stuff, um hello can we say basement?
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Dh and I both have our own, but I want one like Oprah has
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Yes but it’s not anything luxurious like Oprah has.

It is also Chester’s hiding place of choice when he is really scared. So I keep his carrier in there.

The idea being if the fire alarm goes off and we need to evacuate it will be easier to catch him since he will already be there.
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No, but I'd love to have one.
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Yes, it's off the master bedroom.
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