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waiting for the vet - throwing up and lethargic

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Lily had her check-up on Thursday (five days ago), and she got three vaccinations (in two shots), including a 3-year rabies. She was fine, a little achy on Friday, but fine.

Last night she threw up water and yellowy stuff, so I gave her hairball meds because she has a hairball problem. But she's thrown up four more times during the night and today. She lying low and I haven't seen her eat or drink (but I just got back home after being out for two hours).

I've called the vet and am waiting for her to call me back, but of course I'm worried! She got a clean bill of health on Thursday, even her heart murmer is healing and downgraded from a 3 to a 1. I don't have the car today but can call a friend if it's an emergency.

Any ideas or experiences will be appreciated! I'll update as I find out more.

Cheers, from
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Hmmm, no ideas, but the vet visit sounds like a good idea. {{{vibes}}} for you and Lily.
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Oh, poor Lily. I'm wondering if this could be a vaccine reaction. I've fostered two cats over the past several months who had bad reactions - one to distemper, the other to rabies. They both seemed fine the day of the shots, but were lethargic and not eating the day after. No vomitting, though.

Are you comfortable with taking Lily's temperature? That's the first question my vet asked when I called her about the foster cats. I was able to take their temps (first time for that) and they both had fevers of well over 104 (normal cat temp is 100.5 to 102.5). I ended up having to take both cats back into the vet. Both were given a shot of benedryl to bring the fever down and the female was given IV fluids to prevent dehydration. By the next day, they were fine.

I hope the vet calls back to soon to ease your worries. Sending major vibes that Lily's okay. Please keep us posted!
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The vet just called and said to try to get her to eat by warming some food, keep her hydrated with a syringe, and bring her in first thing tomorrow for a temperature check if she's not better by then. Her ear tips are cool, but we keep it pretty cold in the house. I don't have a way to take her temperature officially.

It DID seem like a lot of vaccinations, but next year they will only have to do one.

Thanks for the replies and well wishes. I'll update when I have more info. She didn't come snuggle with me last night, or wake us up this morning.

Cheers, from
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Sounds like good advice from the vet. Just for future reference if you need to take her temp, here's some info. You can use either a mercury or digital thermometer.

It might be easier if you get another person to assist by holding your cat firmly in a standing position. You can place her head in the crook of the arm and face her outward. If necessary, wrap your pet in a towel with the tail area exposed. Then do the following:

If using a mercury thermometer, remember to shake it with a quick flick of the wrist until the mercury is below 94 degrees. Then lubricate the thermometer with petroleum jelly, KY jelly or other water-based lubricant.

Have your helper gently grab the skin at the base of the neck to “scruff” the cat while holding the front legs still.

Lift your cat's tail and insert the thermometer slowly and carefully into the rectum, located just below the base of the tail. Insert the thermometer about 1 inch and hold in place – two minutes for mercury thermometers or until the digital thermometer beeps.

Remove the thermometer and read the temperature. I used a mercury thermometer the first time (have since bought a digital) and it turned out to be pretty accurate. I also did this by myself, which posed a bit of challenge, but it can be done.

That's probably more than you wanted to know, but good luck. I'll be anxious to hear how Lily's doing.
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Keeping Lily in my thoughts and prayers!
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since shes not eating just make sure you don't notice a yellow tinge(my cat went into liver failure over 2 days so just a two second check imo is worth it for you) I stopped getting my crew vaccinated cause I had two reactions. one gota bump and the other was lethargic(didnt puke and was ok in 2 days) wishing Lily a Fast get well soon")
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Do you mean a yellow tinge in her eyes? Her vomit does have a yellow color. I wonder if it could be vaccinations... but she got them Thursday morning and threw up the first time late Sunday night?
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You would see it on her skin more so if she has any white. or in the whites of her eyes...the yellow color of her vomit could be the cat food that was in her stomache. she a overweight cat?
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Gosh, I hope Lily feels better soon.

My vet won't give the 3 year vaccinations - she feels it is too much dosage at one time.
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I don't have any advice just wanted you to know that I'll keep Lily in my thougths and prayers.
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Originally Posted by ryanjay View Post
she a overweight cat?
No, the vet said she's on the high end of normal weight, which was good, because of her heart murmur. (She said not to let her gain more.)
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Poor Lily, hope she improves soon!!!

And a little more thermometer advise... If you get one and use it for Lily - make sure you mark ir clearly as a cat thermometer

Sending good vibes for her bouncing back soon and snuggling with you again!
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I hope that Lily gets better soon.
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More get well soon and please start eating vibes for Lilly. I'm so sorry to hear she's not feeling well.
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Poor Lily. I hope that she feels better soon.
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Lily seems to be going downhill. She's seeing the vet in 1.5 hours, and I'll post an update then. I'd really appreciate if you would continue the good thoughts and prayers!
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sending vibes
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Is Lily perhaps dehydrated? Could you try to give her some water with a syringe? Healing headbuts and sad, sorry licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I've posted this a few times before, but here's my favorite picture of my little sweetie, Lily.

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Prayers and vibes to Lily, how is she doing, what did the Vet say?
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Lily is on the mend! Evidently, she had a bad reaction to the vaccines she got on Thursday. Her temp was 105 Farenheit (40.6 Celcius). Her doctor gave her an injection of antibiotics, some fluid to rehydrate her, and a prescription of antibiotics I took home.

I had some trepidation about her vaccines all at once, even started a thread here and got excellent advice. But, since she had no problems with her vaccines last year, I thought it was O.K. But we should have spaced them out, a week apart.

She's already feeling much better! She ate some gravy from canned food, stretched out on the floor meowing for me to rub her back, and now she's sleeping.

I'm sorry this took a while to update, Lily pulled out a cord for the wireless behind the TV where she was hiding out, and I just now had time to get it back.

Thanks for all the good advice, thoughts, vibes, and prayers! You guys are the best.

Cheers, from
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AAAAHHHH, this IS good news. By the way, Lily is beautiful.
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I am so happy that Lily is better!! She is very cute!
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Really good news!!! Heres hoping everyday Lily feels better and better!
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That's such a huge relief about Lily. Thanks for the update!
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Your Lily is absolutely gorgeous, so glad she is feeling better
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That's wonderful news.
I'm so happy that Lily is feeling better.
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Great news about Lily. So good to hear your beautiful girl is feeling better.
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