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First day of school

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So it's my first day of school in 3 years!
I'm diving headfirst into a second BA. This one will be in Recreational Therapy.
I'm only 25 and I feel rather old here...what with all the 17 and 18 year olds wandering around. HOWEVER I'm not letting that get me down. Already I've gone out of my way to speak to 2 students (and introduced myself to one) AND met two nice ladies at curves this afternoon.
I cant believe my schedule on Mondays though. 8-10am lab (which I can't miss more than twice without failing, but my prof managed to miss this morning...make me get up at 6:30 will ya! grrr) 1-2pm lecture and a 7-10pm lecture. Tomorrow I start my day at the same time, but at least it's a shorter (more compact day).
The first day is always the hardest right?
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Oh yes...and for the teachers as well.

I begin classes tonight (second semester back) and I don't feel as nervous as I did before on my first day.

Tomorrow I'm teaching a class (second time too) and I'm nervous about that!!! Plus I have a bunch of copies to make and no time to do them!
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Aw, you'll do great!!
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Congrats on going back! I start this week too. I decided on the nursing program, and I have one prereq course to take. I hear you about feeling old... I'm 26 with a bachelor's and I also spent some time in pharmacy school. At least my classes are at the large state college downtown, a campus that offers both Indiana University and Purdue University classes, so my classmates will also likely be "non-traditional."

At the private university I attended, I was often the oldest in the classroom... and most of the other students were sorority and frat girls/guys and very spoiled.

Good luck to all of us... I'm excited!!
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Congrats on going back!

Ok, I am one of the oldest students in my classes. At almost 40, I guess I am a "non-traditional" student. I've been going for about 4 years, just doing prerequisites for a nursing degree (I've got a psychology degree as well). I'm applying to the 2 year RN program at the community college this semester, and I've also put in an application for a 2nd degree BSN at a 4 year school.

It's kind of interesting being one of the older people in class. I think the teachers respect me a little bit more (considering in one class I was as old as one of my teachers )
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I think some of the returning students appreciate that my school has a "School of New Learning" for people who are returning for a second Bachelor's or finishing a bachelor's. I know you guys are more secure than I would probably be!

However, I'm the baby of a lot of my music classes at 21. It's not unusual (I'd say it's about 50/50) for people to take several years off before returning for an advanced degree or specialization certificates. We have a handful of players over 30 in my program and I really, really appreciate their experience!
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