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Is my kitten a tabby??

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Just askin...
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Your kitten is a tabby!Tabby cats have thi M pattern on their forehead and stripy fur!
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it looks like one, maybe it has some bengal in him too????
if so i noticed spots alwell as strips,
i'm sure its a tabby though..
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He definitely has some Maine Coon in his blood. The big nose and huge ears give it away. Is he a medium hair? He is so adorable. I like male cats more than females because they have that oh so cute face! No offence to the girls, your all cute too!
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What a cutie! Definitely a tabby!
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Yep thats a tabby. And a cute one at that.
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From here it looks like he's a mackeral tabby! Any more pictures?
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So if the marking characteristic of a tabby is the M pattern on their head would Isis be a tabby, even though she's an Egyptian Mau? She has little Ms on the top of her head. I have been confused with the classification of tabbies, torties, and others.
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All cats have tabby markings! Even black cats have faint tabby markings. Egyptian Maus are tabbies, they are just a purebred tabby. Calico's are white with orange and black dots everywhere, torties are black and it looks like they have orange paint brushed on their coats!
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Eqyptian Mau is your baby's breed. Tabby is her coat pattern. So you can have Torti Persians, or Tabby Maus, or Bi-Color Munchkins, etc.
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Ahhhh okay! Now that makes sense! I didn't grow up with cats and those with cats always said their cats were tabbies. I never really thought about it, I just assumed that a tabby was either a gray or orange striped cat. It wasn't until Isis came into our home that I actually started looking at different breeds and when it referred to tabbies it never was extremely specific. Now I understand. Thanks.
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Errrrr Tasha! Maybe you meant all cats CAN be Tabby not all cats are because my red self persian is definitly not a tabby nor my white persian, ..., I Mau's especially the smoke ones!, You can get MANY MANY variaties(sp?) of tortie... Brown, blue, red and black ( and many more!)

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Yes, he looks like a tabby, but tabby doesnt mean a purebred. Tabby is a color pattern, there are four tabby types; mackerel (striped), classic (swirls), spotted, and ticked. Most domestic shorthair (mixed breed) cats are tabbies because its easy for them to take camoflauge with stripes or spots. A lot of our breeds can be tabbies too!
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Yes your kitty is sure a tabby!!
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