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Since getting Feliway last week and posting about my problems with Guin since moving house, he is suddenly very much better, more brighter and active :thumbsup: We moved 5 weeks ago and on Friday night I felt it was time to introduce him to the garden (he has been sitting on the kitchen window ledge looking out and also meowing by the back door!).

He had a good old wander around our garden, with me close by and managed to come running in when I went in. Over the weekend, I have let him out for short periods about 4 more times and each time he has explored further. I have also made sure his food is withheld before I let him out.

How long do I wait before I leave him out on his own? (until the cat flap is fitted, I will keep the back door ajar so he can run in if he needs to).

Is it true that you shouldn't let cats out in the rain / snow when they are getting used to a new area as they can't leave their scent?

(btw, I have had Guin for 3 years and for 2 and a half years at our old place, he was an inside / outside cat so he is kind of already street wise so to speak).