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Bundy makes 100 Posts

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Okay I know this is very silly but I have been dieing to get to 100 posts so I can add my own Avatar so I was on 99 and with this post I am now officially 100. Thank you thank you very much please hold the applause.

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Okay, my avatar is a picture I did in Paintshop Pro, so I kinda liked it but when it is so tiny you can't tell what it is. Hmmmm I'm on the search for another. LOL
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Congratulaions on 100 posts! That is a very beautiful picture!
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Thanks Deb

I bow humbly as I cry "We're not worth it" I don't think I'l ever get to your amount.
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Congrats!!!! And I love the pic!!! I think you should keep that one....
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Bundylee - Don't you know I had to MARCH right in here and say
A toast you, with my coffee in cup, of course!

(drank 1 cup so far)
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BodLover Thank you for being kind about the picture, it was the first time I used that program so I was kinda chuffed with the way it turned out.

sockiesmom Thanks

kimward34 Thanks mate and cheers, Have one for me.(Are you sure one is enough??? :tounge2:
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It's so easy to rack up the posts here. See, by the time I saw this one saying you just hit 100, you already have 128! The first 100 are the toughest.

I love your avatar, too. Thanks for showing us the big one of. It is really beautiful. The most I've done with Photoshop is make collage wallpaper of my kitties. LOL

:blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:
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WTG on 100 posts! I just made 100 myself a few days ago so I thought we should share one of these... \\_/ <===== congrats shot!
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Ah gee thanks guys

valanhb You are right, I didn't even notice I had 128 the first is the toughest. I was so excited. Especially as I could choose my own avatar not that the ones we have here weren't great. Just wanted that little bit of individuality LOL. Thanks for the kind word about my picture. It all just sort of fell into place while I was checking out the different things you could do in the program. I have a lot to learn and don't really know how to do much in there. I have always loved to draw and to be able to do so on the pc is very cool. I have never had enough faith in them to display them though. I may get up the courage to do a weekly picture post who knows LOL.

Jeff24Girl Way to go too!!!!! see we are just chatter boxes aren't we? thanks for the congrats shot!!! right back at ya.

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Bundylee - are you well rested? Now I should REALLY be passing you some coffee!! How's Amy doing?

Jeff24Girl - WooHoo, congratulations!!

We still have a long ways to go though......Posting 1,000 seems so out of reach....at least it does for me<Grin> We had better get to chattin' - the Road trip should help us rack up some numbers for us!

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Ah Thanks kimward34 I will be needing the coffees today Amy is okay I think, she is very lathargic and lying around. She doesn't seem sick but not herself. I think looking at our track record it won't take long to get to 1000 LOL. I need to work out this raod trip thing.....can I go to??? I need to get away lol.
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Bundylee - I have to show you this...sockiesmom posted it on the road trip. http://www.knplogic.co.uk/are_u_mad.html

It actually ends up making you laugh whether you want to or not.....


Well, now it's my turn to go to bed....my caffine buzz is long gone and now my eyes are burning!

Can you do me a favor? You can? Cool! Look Amy square in the eyes and tell her I said, "Not rushing or anything, but could ya hurry up and hatch the littlens"

Night!! See ya soon!!

Ya gotta go catch that road trip...there's plenty of room!!
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LOL Thanks Kim I am going back to bed too, all this Midwiffery is killing me.

Did the talk for you. She meowed and then swatted my nose......hmmm not quite the response I was expecting. I think she's letting me know I am getting a bit silly.

Thanks for the link, I will go lookie.

Sleep tight and dream of Mocca Clouds, Capachino fields and Latte streams.

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How did I miss this?
Congrats on a job well done!!
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Congratulations Cobber!! This calls for a Fosters!
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Debra Ah shucks Thanks Deb, I am probably driving everyone crazy and I am gonna get kicked off the forum soon LOL.

Tania Cheers Mate, thanks for the toast. Great bar scene LOL. making me thirsty.
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No worries mate, now let's go for the big 200!
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No Problem I only have 44 to go woopeeeeeeee!!!:tounge2:
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BUNDYLEE!!! You're racking up the posts there, Missy!!!

I've got some catching up to do! Whew!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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I really need to get a life don't I?????????
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This is your life...at the moment....LOL!!!!
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*sigh* so true!!!!

Oh well at least it's keeping me off the streets :tounge2:
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Bundylee- I have learned that I cannot play the alphabet game with the TV on in the background and loud children at my back....Whew! I scare me sometimes!!
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Hmmmm I have noticed LOL have you seen the replys to your posts LMAO.
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LOL! Have you gone back to look at it again...ROTFL!!!
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You sneaky bugger
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Bundylee - LOL!! That was sneaky...next time..I will fess up and EAT crow...hopefuly there won't be a next time...heheheheh
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I Don't know....... with you anything is possible LOL :tounge2:
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