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Sammy Update :-/

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Just wanted to update on Sammy, the Snowshow mix I am adopting. She wasnt able to come home this weekend, as she was spayed on Friday and still needed alot of work. Her foster mom tells me she is gorgeous, just very scared. She is a bit cross eyed...lol

But anyway, she had some fleas which are being treated, she is being dewormed and getting antibiotics for a slight eye infection. But all in all she looks like she will be a good girl. Her foster mom says she is terrified, but despite that she traveled on her lap the whole time, and once home she even jumped on the bed and fell asleep there.

Lets hope things improve with her, so I can have her home by Saturday!!
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Good luck bringing her home! Don't forget, we need pics!
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Aw, best of luck that she is good as new, so you can bring her home

And yes...PICS PLEASE!!
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Heres to her improved health
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Sending vibes that all will go well with your new family member! I'm sure she will fit in just fine.

(and ditto on the pics thing!)
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