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Odd-eyed Turkish Angoras are my favorites if i must choose one- but i love them all!!! I have 4 little girls and each one is different from the next! I think they're all gorgeous! Isabella is an odd eyed Turkish Angora / Jasine is a torti-point siamese, velvet is a black dsh, and abilene is a tiger tabbie dsh When it comes down to a specific breed that I adore though- the turkish angora just gets me every time- their coats are the most soft things ever!! and they just have this little personality about them- it's priceless
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I love Bengals! Nazumi is a Bengal mix and I hope to one day have a purebred Bengal. I love the look of them.Zumi has the personality but doesnt really look like one. His brothers looked just like their meowmy. Who was a brown spotted Bengal.
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heh heh heh

And, no, I'm not drunk...or related to Elmer Fudd!
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Fave breeds...Well Burmese are right up top. I had a Burmese mix as a kid and she was so very loving. I miss her to this day.

Next would have to be Siamese.

Third is a toss up..I have been reading about the Egyptian Mau, Asian, and Singapura cats and have started to fall in love with them.

Not asked but Pharaoh Hounds are one of my fave dog breeds.
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That's hard for me to say. Honestly I feel guilty wanting to buy a purebread vs a shelte cat. As far as looks though, I don't have an absolute favorite. I prefer shorter hair cats mostly I think, though some longer coats are just so adorable! I'm torn!
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Well Tavia my DSH is first always and forever we just have this very special bond.

But if I could ever have a purebred it would be a Seal or Chocolate Point Applehead Siamese. There is just something about meezers that made me fall inlove with them a long time ago. And maybe its because they are so vocal I know that's one of my favorite things about Tavia. I think she must have met a siamese before I found her when she was a kitten and they must have told her about the beautiful things being a loud mouth will get you.
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I'm definately an Abby cat person. They're just drop dead sexy cats, both body wise and personality wise.
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I dont really have a favorite breed. I love black cats. I love my sisters cat Artie who is a calico, I think. I also love what ever Princess. She is a black and white long hair. Her coat is so sillky and she has the sweetest temperment.
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hmm...idk I love so many I am a softy for tabbys and of course siameses those blue eyes get me...and hopefully we get ours tomarrow and well I am most definetly a bengal softy I want to own one sometime in the future and of course long haired breeds I love...and russian blues....o man I told u I am a softy for all of them
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Nope. No special breed. I just love cats, period! New, old, skinny, fat... love'em!!!!
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Before I got my mutt Astrid from the shelter, I was also online looking at Siberians. Just beautiful animals with such sweet faces. And Somali Cats are just stunning.

When I took my baby home, she was sort of a not too pretty and scrawny grey/brown tabby. Her marking were not so special but she did have lovely green eyes. I loved her immediately, but I did sometimes think she wasn't going to be a "beauty". However, as she has grown and filled out and her coat has come in, she is just gorgeous. Her coat is long and silky, her tail is fluffy and marked amazingly. She actually resembles a Siberian! My friends have all remarked that I got the cat I had wanted.

I think it was meant to be. I cannot get over how pretty she is.

And she knows it!
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I love domestic shorhairs the best! (Calico being my favorite).. I have Siamese mixes, SNow shoe mixes, and a maincoon.

I LOVE Turskish angoras. I had a white female with one blue eye, and one green eye. (She looked purebred, but wasn't.).
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