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Favorite Breed of cat?

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Of course we all love our moggies, but is there a particular cat breed you favor?

I fancy many breeds, but if I had to choose a fav, it would probably be the Turkish Angora. Everything about them is beautiful, their personality, appearance, and their long silky coats that come in a variety of colors.

What's your favorite breed?
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I love tabbies and bengals. Miagi is a tabby that could be mixed with bengal. and Tiger is a bengal/tabby mix.
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I love Bengals..hopefully someday I can have one..

My fave though is good ol DSH..and favorite colourings are Calico and of course Torts I guess I like tortitude
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Bengals are gorgeous. They seem to be getting more popular.
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By my nick, you know what my favourite breed is!

However, my wish list is:

Korat (coming soon, I hope!)
Ocicat (targetted, 2008/9)

For my breeding program - Longhairs

Turkish Angoras - I would love a white female and a red male!

PS. Love Trout's pic in the siggy!
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I love them all DSH, DMH and DLH

as far as the pedigree breeds go...

russian blue
and maine coons
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Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
PS. Love Trout's pic in the siggy!
Thank you, I actually got a decent picture of her...the siggy makers are always harpin on me to get better pics This one seems to be everyones fave!!
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I like the look or a Norwegian forest cat or a Scottish fold.
But I have to go with the kitties that make my heart go pitta-pat and that is my 2 rescue kitties. I couldn't want for anything more.
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There are so many beautiful cats and each breed has particular beauty traits but I have to say my love for Siamese goes very deep.
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I honestly like my mixed babies...

But I do like the mixes with:

I love the coloring of the Tortie
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Persians/Himalayans are my favs but I LOVE them all!
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Oriental/Siamese, and Cornish Rex

Radar has both Siamese and Cornish Rex in him and I love his personality! He is just the most exceptionally insane cat I have ever met and is very entertaining. And I am waiting for our Oriental kitten Sonic to be old enough and vaccinated so he can come home with us (this month is going so slowly). I would also love to have a pure Cornish Rex one day (although I have promised Nate that if we get a 3rd cat it can be a Ragdoll so it may be a long wait!)
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Maybe because I'm half Norwegian, or maybe it's because Dusty shares many of their traits, but I have to go with the Norwegian Forest Cat as my personal favorite breed.
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Cornish Rex. Love the look, love the cattitude of them.

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I love Maine Coons, Siberian and Norwegian Forest Cats. But all cats are beautiful, especially moggies
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Maine coons and Bengals, if I had to choose. But really, I just love my moggies. Moggies are such a grab bag: different markings, different personalities ... You never know what you're getting until you actually sit down and meet the cat.
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Somalis are my favourite breed

I also like most of the short haired foreign type and oriental breeds - esp Abysinnians. I think Jaffa has something a bit oriental in his genes as he has a skinny build and has always had a hyper, slightly neurotic personality!
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My only purebred here is a Norwegian Forest Cat, so don't tell her that my favorite breed is, has been and always will be the Applehead Siamese.
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Can there be any question about it? Birmans!!! I didn't spend almost four years waiting for my boys for nothing!
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Burmese, of course!
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I have a great love when it comes to cats its Siamese.Theres something about them that are special to me.
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Bengals - but then again I very partial to Bengals since my baby boy Loki is one!

But then again I would love any kitty that I'd adopt, no matter the breed. Kitties are just so special!
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I love the Burmese!
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Originally Posted by Felicia's Mom View Post
I love the Burmese!
I was wondering if you'd show up in this thread!

Burmese rock!!
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A Snowshoe is my dream cat.
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Couldn't possibly pic just one, but Old Style Siamese and Bengals tie at #1... Hmmm... Wonder why!?!

OK, to narrow it a bit more, I really like blue point siamese (Don't tell Duke!) and Brown Marble Bengals (I think I'm safe with the Wonder Twins on that one!)

All of them from a siggy Hope made for me:
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i like the crazy mixes the best. i really cant seem to pic a certian breed...but my favorite color is tortishell!! l them!
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Applehead Siamese all the way-for their personalities,intelligence,trainability & of, course, THE MOUTH
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A lot of Siamese lovers here too! I'll have to take some new pics of my mom's Siamese, Toby. (Who happens to be Frisco's best buddy )

I love all of your siggies (mine looks so crummy now), everyone has such beautiful cats!
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Bengals are my favorite of course, but I love Maine Coons, Abby's, Oriental Shorthairs, Russian Blues, Chartruex and British shorthairs.
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