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grams kitties

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well there is precious who was originally mine til the puppies came and she didnt like them and was scared of them so my grandma offered to take her in and so my mom told me one night when i was sleeping and she is the white fluffy kittie...and the orange boy is twinkie

I got no single ones of precious when i took these ones i was with my brother and the kids so precious took off

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Precious is a very beautiful kitty... Very nice fur indeed! I just wanna pick her up and hug her
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thanx everyone ya precious was such a beauty she did have a tinch of silver on her but over time it disappeared but she was the one that stood out to me and i am not one to give my kitties away unless its gram and i was mad then too but I still got visiting rights and elby he is such a lover he stays out when the kids are there and he is just so sweet and always wants some loving they found him in the paper someone wanted to give him away and we couldnt remember the reason and my grams other 2 kitties had died around the same time a little bit so she went for it so Precious has opened up to Elby that picture proves it but Bella is a big girl and she just doesnt wanna play and run around with him
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Awwww sweet kitties Looks like they're good buddies too!
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