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How the heck did that happen?!

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The boys just threw their ball into my lap!! As in tossed it up in the air and it landed on me. They're both still on the floor. This boggles my mind! They're both being really cute tonight - I found two of their balls in the water heater closet under the stairs, and they've been playing fetch and chasing them ever since! What are your kitties up to tonight?
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lol...too cute my kitties are being quiet......for now
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mine are all eating right now as i just filled food bowls
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well mine were sleeping then i went in my room to go on the labtop and then they woke up (i turned the heater on..it was getting a bit chilly in there ) so they all woke and jumped down and as soon as i sat on the bed Stormie beat Bella to sitting next to me bella will sit on me but the labtop was on me stormie just likes to lay next to me and still bellas spot..well they always steal each others spots so now they are sleeping and waiting for me to walk in with that can of cat food (im downstairs now on the other computer)
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Right now, Trout is in her leopard print tunnel chewing on something..I can hear her little mouth going in there..I better check to see what she's doing.............
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How cute. Maybe they want you to join in their game.

For some reason Frisco enjoys throwing his mouse toys into his water dish.
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Last year my mom bot my cat a toy that has a spider imbossed on it and a bell in it. Well they fetch it and Sibohan actually caries it around the house and plops it wherever she is. The other day she was playing with it batting it around in the air and it landed directly on my dad's hand. She sat there watching him till he threw it for her and they played catch for about 20 minutes.
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