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fake plant litter box

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There is a really neat looking litterbox in the airline skymall catalogs. It's a litter box disguised as a fake potted plant. The cat enters through an opening on one side of the fake pot. I guess on the inside is a litterbox but on the outside it really does look like a large potted plant. Does anyone have this litterbox? I'm thinking of getting it and was wondering whether it's big enough and easy to clean.
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Is this it?

If so it looks neat but WOW at the price.
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i'd be concerned that it'd be tough to clean.
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
i'd be concerned that it'd be tough to clean
I would be concerned that if they start using the "fake" one, why not use the real ones? I have lots of potted plants in the house and I would not want to entice Persi into thinking he can use any ol' pot he wants. Is there something I am not thinking of here that would keep this from happening?
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Yep, that link goes to the one I was talking about. If I decide to get it, I think I have to convince my mom to get it for me as a present.

I hadn't thought of the problem of the cat getting confused and using real plants as their litterbox. But I don't think that would be a problem because I always thought cats really recognize the litterbox by its scent (the cat's own smell and that of the litter), not by what it looks like. I could be wrong. But I just moved and had to buy Snickers a new litterbox, and she had no trouble recognizing it. She went straight to it and did her business.

My concern was that it would be hard to clean. But apparently the top just comes off like any other covered litterbox. If I get it, I'll let y'all know how it is.
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Hi. I just discovered this forum and saw your questions about the hidden litter box. Mine was just delivered today, and I really like it. The fake plant isn't of the best quality, but it still looks okay. Check it out on think I paid around $50 for it. It's very roomy, and yes, the top comes off for cleaning. It should be just as easy to clean as a regular litter box, and looks so much better. I have the litter maid (which I also really like) in my basement and my new hidden litter box upstairs for my nearly 9 month old kitten.
If you do get this, I would replace the moss with polished rocks. I never even opened the package of moss, not wanting to risk the chance that my little curious guy would eat it and potentially become seriously sick or injured.
Hope the info helped!
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I've actually had the fake plant litter box for several months now. At first I really liked it, but I soon realized that it wasn't very effective for the way I clean litter boxes. I bought the inner tub to go inside the outer "pot" so that I could still use litter liners and just have them on the inside. But what I soon realized is that Snickers' tinkle would go over the inside tub and into the outer "pot," so there would be a puddle of pee at the bottom of the outer pot when I went to clean the litter box. (Does that make any sense at all?) In order to prevent the pee spillage, I had to put the litter liners over the inner and the outer pots, meaning you can see the liner from the outside, which totally defeats the purpose of having a "hidden" litter box! So my verdict is that I don't like this litter box. But it's probably fine if you don't use litter liners.
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This could be a good DIY project.

But no way will I have a faux plant in my home. They gross me out for some reason.
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