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Throw up

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As you know, I am fostering 7 kittens that are between 3 and 4 weeks old. I used KMR formula and have had no problmes. However, over this weekend I was running very low. I called my Vet to get more, but they were out and sold me VET kitten replacement formula. I have compared ingrediants, etc, and things are a little different. My concern is that two of the kits have heaved up some of the formula about 2 hrs after eating. It comes back as small amounts, but looking like liquidy curdled milk (sorry to be so descriptive)
I burp thjem after feeding and try to make sue they are not getting too much air. As i am writing this, another kitten has also had the same thing happen.
I am calling the Vet and the shelter in the morning!
Any thoughts?
Thank you
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Deb I would go to the grocery store and get a can of goats milk if you can't find KMR there. The goats milk is not so obtrusive on their stomachs, also slow down their feeding, take the bottle away from them every so often and just hold them for a second then give them back the bottle.
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