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Name for mom's new kitty

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Hey hey!
I just moved out of the house (first apartment! woo!) and took Dynah and Chester with me. That means that Dolly (mom's cat) is stuck with the old foggies (sam and shadow), both of whom hate her because she's young and blonde . SOOOO mom signed the official adoption papers for this little lady (show below) yesterday. She's comming home next Friday, since they want to fix her before mom takes her home. She's almost 1, and loves to purr and be held. They can't wait to have her come home.

She needs a name though. The shelter named her "sparkles" but mom and dad don't like it. They're probably going to wait to be with her and name her from there, but mom wants me to keep an eye out for names.

What do you think?

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cream puff? this might be a totally stupid name but those colors make me think of that...ya i just decided that i dont llike this name that much...will come back later if i get a sudden creative streak!
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I say Isabella!!!
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I like 'Peaches'... or puurrrhaps 'LadyBug' (don't ask me why)...

Ooo, had to add ''PurrBaby''...or ''PurrBall''...hehehe

Good luck!
Hilda >^..^<
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
I say Isabella!!!
I love that name!
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She's a doll! I love her blue eyes! I once had a cat named Peaches.
She looks like a Taffy to me, or maybe Mousse, or maybe Bruele (sp?) as in Creme Bruele. She looks like a dessert - sooo sweet!
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How about Jasmine or Jazzy for short
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Vanille --> German for Vanilla
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Given your family's previous name choices (Dolly, Sam, Shadow, Dynah, Chester) I'm going to guess nothing to out-there would be prefered.

Are the names Dynah and Chester a nod towards Alice in Wonderland?

If so, you could continue the theme with:

Lois (Lewis)
Kitty (one of Dinah's daughters - the seemingly naughty one)
Snowdrop (one of Dinah's daughters)
White Queen
Red Queen
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Indeed, they are a nod towards alice in wonderland! Thanks for noticing

However, they are my kitties, and not moms.

Mom has had a number of cats with the end of their name being "sha"...Rasha, Natasha (mine, but I was 3, she helped name her), Shasha...she also had Siaede (ok, I know that's spelled wrong!).

Dolly...dolly was a name mom came up with because she's a ragdoll...I voted Petunia just for the record.

Sam, was my sisters choice

And shadow was also my sisters choice...however I wanted Nermal, and mom still regrets not naming her Willow (after a pussy willow).

I'll relay some of the ideas! Thanks!
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Maybe Buttercup, or Iris,, or Sara...

I like Kitsy,, or Katiana.
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Alexis comes to mind
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How 'bout ''Apricot''...or ''Apri''for short? She's really very beautiful that she needs a lovely name...'Elizabeth' or 'Liz'....''Victoria''...(my mom's name )

Hilda >^..^<
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