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My cats jump on my back!

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For some reason, when I bend over to stretch or even just pick something up, my cats like to jump on my back. I have 3 cats - and the only two that do this are brother & sister that were bottle fed by humans. Has anyone else ever had this problem or know why they might do this? They don't hurt me, they just like to jump up on me.....
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my kitten will do that occasionally. I think she likes it because

1. It's me and I am her mom
2. Its fun!

So as long as they aren't hurting you...all is well Unless you don't like it, which means you will just have to keep them from jumping on you...they will learn.
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I used to have a cat who would climb up on to my shoulder. I think she just thought it was fun. The only problem is that sometimes she would get too excited and then fart! That sure was stinky.
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My 6mo Blue jumps onto my back and shoulders all the time. She actually lays on my shoulders to snuggle quite often, so I don't mind. Other than scolding them consistently each time they jump on you (and maybe standing upright and forcing them to jump off) I can't think of any other way to discourage them from doing it.
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I dont know why cats do that but my Stormie did that when she first came here all tho she doesnt do it as much (i think its cause she got bigger ) she still does it sometimes and now Blue the newest addition loves to jump on u every where and bella will curl up front wards and still be on my shoulder its cute but a pain when she weighs a ton and Stormie lays on my leg and climbs up it...what can i say kitties are weird the other nite my mom laid down for like 10 mins to take a break and there was blue and then i laid down and started petting blue next thing i kno im stuck on the bed till someone could get her im a sucker what can i say
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My little Smudge, also a bottle baby, loves jumping on our back as well. Every time we lean over, she's on our back. Especially cleaning out the litter trays. she has to sit on my shoulder and supervise. And if I'm sitting on the bed, she'll climb up my back.

Cats are weird.
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My biggest cat, Wellington, does that, and you sure know about it! He does it if I am on the loo, or if he is on the table and I am standing near there. Then he insists on being carried round like that for a while, draped round my neck. And he is a big boy.
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When I'm in my room, and I'm by my bookshelf, and the cat (either Molly or Buffy) is on the bed, and I bend over, then I'll feel a cat leap on my back. I believe they do it simply because they realize that by hopping on my back, they can finally check out the shelves they can't otherwise investigate.
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Cats like to be tall. You are taller than the cat. Therefore the cat will get on your back, or shoulder, or whatever is highest on your body at the time.

My girl Gizmo who thankfully weighs only eight and a half pounds likes to ride on my shoulder in the morning when we get up. I call her the 'carrot' (cat-parrot). She's also jumped on my back when I was bending over at times. The solution? Stand up slowly.
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One of mine is a shoulder cat. Most times when I pick him up, he eases on up and curls around my neck. The only time he jumps to my shoulder is when I'm on the toilet. He also is a bottle baby. He has gotten quite heavy but I still like wearing him as a collar.
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Thank you to all who have responded! It makes me feel a lot better about my kitties. My previous cat never did this, so I wasn't sure if it would become a problem. But as long as they continue not to hurt me, I guess riding around for a little bit with me won't be a problem.

with Maggie, Zack & Zoe
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Bijou just recently started doing this recently (thanks to hubby). During the colder months I don't have a problem with it, but come summer when I am wearing considerably less clothing, I have visions of my back looking like I received a lashing. It's the same thing - if I bend down to do something he jumps up, lays down, starts purring and rubbing his head against mine.

I was scrubbing the kitchen on my hands and knees recently and he sat on my back and supervised just like you were saying.
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