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Kitty's a nocturnal nightmare

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A week ago we decided to bring in the new year by adding a brand new cat to the family. Having never owned anything larger than a teeny turtle, we were ecstatic to bring home our 1 year old Bartleby. He's a great kid when we didn't have to stuff him into the carrier for a visit to the vet's!

During most of the day he'll cuddle in his pile of blankets and get pet and loved and everything goes well. We feed him routinely every day, at 8am and 6pm. For those 10 hours after his first meal he's a wonderful kid, despite his aloof nature.

However, there's a slight problem that's disconcerting to my parents and I. After dinner, he'll climb idly to the top of the last flight of stairs and sit motionless. When we approach him, he'll start shrieking, growling, hissing, the works, like we were trying to take his life. He doesn't usually pounce at this point, just growls until we walk past.

What could be causing this particular territorial behaviour? I'd like to help him kick this habit, but how in the world do I start? Note that this doesn't happen during the day, but always after his dinner. We don't live in a large house so giving him his own safe room wouldn't work.
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One thing I suggest is to change your routine a little bit. Right after dinner, maybe pick him up and take him to your room or something. Or feed him in a closed room so that he can't run to the stairs. Keep doing this and he should forget his other hissing/growling routine in time. Good luck!
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He's decided the top floor is his territory and is warning you off. Have you thought about getting him a cat tree to climb with a good sized perch on top (15 x 18")?
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