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1:45 am!?!??!!? Bundy you need therapy!! :LOL: HAve a good nights sleep!!
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Night Night Bundylee! I will be looking for you later..it's only 11:30 a.m here in Florida, so I'm WIDE AWAKE! Whoo! Good luck with Amy...Kiss her on the snoot for me and tell her what a good mommy she is going to be!
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Well how about that, its 1:45 am over there, 11:30am in Florida... and 4:40pm here in the UK!?!?!? (ok ok, I know, small things please small minds....)
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Thanks buddies Amy is still just lying there, have given her a kiss for you (no mean feat considering she is in a box at the back of the cupboard)

See ya!
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Now BodLover...Over here in Fla, your hair style is all over the place...it's very "In Style"...People spend big $$$ to get their hair to do that. I would but mine is too short.

Right now I have, sort of, a Meg Ryan shag (messy look)...talk about easy hair...More like "Shake-n-go hair....lol!

I'm not sure if my doo is in style, but since I am an artist....I have a license to be weird looking...:tounge2:
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Hey thats my excuse too!! Though I'm more of a "try hard artist" :laughing2...... I would change my hair, but my head is too small for my body, so I need big hair to look in balance!!! :LOL: Its true!!!!!!!!!
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Hey BodLover...check this out (hope the link works) Here's that comedian I stole my hair from....

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Mmm Mmm Now THATS beautiful hair!! :LOL: :LOL:
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I pay $100 a month to get my hair like that! :LOL: :LOL:
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