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KIMWARD talks a lot! :)

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CONGRATULATIONS of reachig your 200th post!
Feels good doesn't it?
:chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:
Keep on talking!!! :tounge2:
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Yaaaaaay Kim!!!! Congratulations! I always enjoy your posts, and I love the pictures you often add!!
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I am replying to this cause I want to say well done and also I want to get to 100 posts hehehehehe
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Aha!!! Bundylee - alterior motives eh!?!?!? Disgracefull!!!! :laughing: :laughing2

Congrats Kimward!! Keep blabbing!!!!
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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You....where else can one blabber, blabber, blabber and receive recognition? I truly love this place! You guys are great!

Now back to blabbin'....I got a lot of catching up to do to reach my 300 mark..:tounge2:
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Hey Coffee buddy just cause you have talked twice as much as I have doesn't mean you can't make us a cuppa you know!:tounge2:
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OK, I'm on my third cup! Does my hair look OK?
Bundylee, I just e-mailed you a fresh espresso!
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HAir looks good to me love..... just like mine that is!! BEFORE coffee!! :LOL:
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Funny but it's kinda how I imagined you would look hehehehe only joking. Thanks for the coffee I need it (See Amy's update)

Sorry BodLover please forgive me I was very rude. I didn't think kim would notice as she hadn't had her coffee yet
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HEY!!!! :LOL: :LOL: Thats fine!! Just don't expect any cream on your Cappucino!!! :tounge2:
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Can I have the cream separate then for the cats???? :tounge2:
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Hmmm well, if its for the cats.... I guess so!!! No licking the bowl though!!!
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It is, it is!!!!!.........I promise I shall not touch any of it. Thank you!
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Hmmmm ok then..... *suspicious look* *watches for a slip of the halo on Bundy's head*
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Hahaha! Halo wedged firmly on head and that is not cream on the corner of my mouth it is toothpaste.
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What the?!?!?! Ack!! I turn my back for ONE second!!! and look at the poor kitties!!! THey look so deprived and hungry!!! How could you!?!?!? Now wipe your face....
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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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Laughing!?!? How can you laugh!!! this is SERIOUS!! I'm about to call the humane society about this cream issue!! and I believe YOU were the one who started it Kimward!!
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Yeah it's all kims fault cause I am an
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Poor poor Bundy... just a wayward child under such bad influences.... :LOL:
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Oh Great! Blame it on the coffee lady.
One look at my hair and the Human Society would probably call for backup—you know, break out the straight jackets, etc... not a pretty scene. :eye&mouth :eye&mouth

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Hmmm you know, maybe our combined "Hair Power" could get us somewhere..... *brain cogs spinning... eek crunch.. stuck.... clink.. ooo there they go*

(PS, how unfair is this?!?! - The lady I work with has left me all afternoon, and she hasn't even come back to let me go get a coffee?!?!?!?! I feel all light headed and confused.... oh wiat, I'm always confused!)
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at bodlovers and kims hair
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Weeeelllllll, if you wanna see the "afro" in all its glory.... follow this link....http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...&threadid=5216 and thats pretty tame too!! :LOL: (I'd only brushed it a little bit)
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LMAO = Bodlover

Just kidding you are beautiful.......here have some cream :tounge2:
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Aww thanks.... now I'm glad i didn't call the humane society!!! :laughing:
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Wow! You do have very thick hair......I think you are lucky! It's very pretty!
Now you're really going to shoot me.....here's my real hair: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...299#post104299

My hair is actually quite boring and flat...I borrowed the comedian, "Carrot Top's" hair to give myself that Ultra Caffinated look.

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So that was you in the picture????????? Oh my god!!!!!!!! I was right :tounge2: you are both very beautifull.

I am off to bed, Amy is still in the nesting box, doesn't look well.

It's in my bedroom so I will be able to keep an eye on her.

Sleep tight! or good morning depending n what part of the globe you reside upon.

Thanks for keeping me company. It's 1.45am and my eyes are hurting.

Hugs and kisses
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Kim, I think your hair is great!! How I long for the day I have a "do" thats easy to do!! :LOL:, Well actually, its pretty easy now, I just wash it and leave it, cos it won't do anything else anyway!! :laughing: its usually curly, not so "afro" like... :laughing2
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