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Blood in the litter box

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Oh gosh, I just got done scooping and dumping the litter boxes and what did i find, a spot under the litter of blood...it was like a quarter size, it was brighter red...so I know its not internal because that would be black or make the poopie black. All 3 of my cats use the same box, and all 3 are acting completly normal...this could of happened anytime between yesterday morning and tonight. They are all eating/playing/and everything like normal, if I wouldnt have moved the litter I would of never saw this....anyone else ever have this happen? I cant call the vet because I dont even know what cat it was...now I am on poopie patrol and garding the litter box to watch everything that comes out of them.

any ideas?
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I'd make a call to the vet in the morning and see what they suggest. If it gets worse, I'd find a 24 hour animal hospital.
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Of course, I am going to watch to see if I see who is the one doing it, but as of right now I checked each of their lil'booties and I cant tell...I will be keeping a close eye on them...and their litter boxes.
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Maybe you should open a business for yourself? Keep us updated!
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Lol...I am the official Kitty bootay, and poopie inspector tonight....I work by the hour! lol
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I had the same problem with my two cats. At first I thought they got worms so I got them tested but that turned out to be negative. The the vet said it is probably stressed or constipated so I just fed them butternut squash (baby food) and it cleared right up within a day. Now I just feed them a couple spoonful once a week to soothe their tummy.

If your cats sleep with you, you might want to check if there are any "rice" like pellets on your bedsheet, if so it's definitely worm. I would still get them tested if I were you so just scoop some poop out after they do their thing and put it in a small container to bring to your vet. It's cheaper that way rather than taking them to the vet to get tested.

Good luck and hopefully your cat will be fine.
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Suprised noone mentioned that this could be a UTI. Blood in the urine. I would get them checked out as soon as you can.
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Urinary tract problems are the most common cause of this, I think. With my cat it's a recurrent problem... there's blood for a day or two, but with the right care it clears up quickly.

If you see one of your cats straining or repeatedly going to the litter box but not peeing, that's the one.

It's definitely something for a vet to check out. In male cats this condition can turn dangerous if they become completely blocked.
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I never thought of a UTI. How are the kitties now?
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