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Stem Cell Breakthrough

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and in our neck of the woods! WTG Wake Forest!!!!


Does this remove the controversy???
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At first glance, it certainly seems like it might....it doesn't seem as though there is a need to destroy a life in order to obtain them. However, I do think that the original problems that were displayed in normal embryonic stem cells will still be present - difficulty in controlling later differentiation, etc. So while this seems like a fantastic first step I wouldn't start expecting cures to come for some time still. There's just a lot of things we still don't know about stem cells. But this might indeed be a hopeful start.
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That is very exciting and promising. I've also heard that cord blood from the umbilical cord is a rich source of stem cells and is routinely discarded upon delivery. Either of these pregnancy resources would be acceptable to those of us that aren't happy with using fertilized embryos as a source.
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I think stem cell research and this scientific development can only go
forward and reduce the amount of animal testing in laboratories

Isn't it strange the ' ones ' who oppose stem cell research in the uk are
also the same who advocate animal testing....that makes a lot of sense
if they're thinking about they're jobs and the subsidies from the uk government!!!
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Hmmm, interesting quote I found from a commentary...

"The study of stem cells, of any type, is not illegal. President Bush is right in vetoing federal funding of stem cell research, but not because it destroys a human life. We could debate that all day. He is right, because it is not the government's job to fund research at all. This is why our government is growing out of control. It is because people like all of you who believe that nothing can get done without the government doing it. If you want to fund research into stem cells, please do a little research yourself and find a company to invest in, but do not force me to fund research that I may or may not agree with. Let me make that decision for myself."

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That poster makes a good point. It is all about using FEDERAL FUNDS to finance embryonic stem cell research. There is no law against it, to the best of my knowledge. This research is ongoing with private donations. Some people have this issue confused to the point that they believe Republicans are against stem cell research. This is not at all accurate. The issue was using our tax money to fund EMBRYONIC stem cell research. There are plenty of sources of stem cells to research without using embryos.
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
and in our neck of the woods! WTG Wake Forest!!!!


Does this remove the controversy???
to some extent, i would think so. my main objection to stem cell research has been that it would cost what i consider human lives. & i certainly did not want my tax dollars to go towards what i considered murder. if fetuses/embryos, etc, are not used, i don't see a moral objection...
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I object to people murdering and eating meat,but my tax pounds/dollars still subsidise it and pay for it.

Sorry guys but what the 'f' is the difference.......Tell me? an animal is living and breathing...right?.....an embryo? It's just a few ......cells....right?...It doesn't breath,It doesn't feel the knife cut through it's throut....does it?

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Yes, IMO its been proven that this WILL help. And it doesn't involve killing of embroys either. Also its been proven that the embroynic stem cells do NOT work at all. When will people learn?

The republicans are not against stem cell research - its the EMBROYNIC research the democrats are promoting. The bill that Bush is vetoing is for that - not stem cell research period.
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