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Give me some photo organizing tips

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Back in November I asked my mom for all our family photos. She brought me everything. I have one small container to go through yet. What I am doing is first sorting them by decade. Then I'm lucky for a while as the photo's from the late 50's-60's and until 1974 have dates on the sides of the pictures. After that I have either have some date when pictures were taken or other reference points.
This is what I am thinking....
I have mom and dad's wedding pictures-being in the mid 50's they are all small- 3x3 would be a large size. I am hoping to find some type of album to put these in. The same for the photo's when my dad was in the Airforce in the early 50's.
Mom had bought an expensive album when we were born ($47.50 in 1957!!!) She never completely filled it so I figure I can get about 160-ish 3x3 pictures if I can find those little mounting corners (any ideas??) There will be a little room to write a comment like she did.
From that time frame until about 1974-the pictures are about 3 x3-are there albums I could use to put these in???
After that time period I am thinking of photo box's with tabs for years or events.
I do not want to do any scrapbooking!!!
I would like though to write on the back of some of these photos-either the names of people or places-is their such a pen as an acid free or one that won't damage the pictures (even though some have writing on already!!)
Any other organizing ideas?????
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I envy you for delving into this huge job...I have avoided organizing my photos for years

No tips for you...obviously, since my photos remain a mess

Good luck!
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I was trained in collections conservation and management. My Parents always had pictures in those old sticky back albums (Take pictures out of these immediately). Also never write on photo's in pen. Pencil is an option but I recomend the albums that have pockets for the pictures with a little space beside to write in a discription OR photoboxes. but nevr use tape or glue on photographs also.

It is a good idea to start labeling pictures early because like everyone I have a pile of pictures I inherited and have no clue what or who they are of.
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Our local craft shop has the mounting corners, so you should be able to find them in one near you.

What about the albums with the sticky pages and plastic film page overs, that way you don't need the corners etc

Places like black's etc (and scrapbooking stores) will all have photo safe pens
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I figured the scrapbooking/craft places could have the stuff I need. I think I will bring the "1950's bag with me for the photo sizes and find albums that will work.
I supposed I should count the pics also (yuck!) so I know how many photo albums to get.
These were never in albums to begin with!!
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