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Hello Everyone :)

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I am new to this forum and I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Amy and I'm from NB, Canada. I love to draw and take pictures of my pets, especially of my baby Frisco.

A strange Feral cat gave birth to a litter of 6 kittens in the woods near our house. I wanted to capture all of her kittens, tame them, care for them and find them homes when they were old enough. But they were much too smart and hard to catch. I did manage to trap and catch one kitten with my bare hands, after chasing them for hours through the woods.

I did recieve some nasty bites and scratches from the little bugger, but it was worth it to save a life. This kitten was the runt of the litter, he was always the last to be carried accross the road, and probably the last to be fed. He was nothing but skin and bones, and had an injury to his tail. I later found out at his first vet appointment that something had crushed his virtibrae (sp?) when he was very young. It does not cause him any pain, but his tail will always be kinked.

Each day the kitten became more trusting and affectionate. We became very attached to eachother. It was almost as if he knew I saved his life.

That kitten is now a healthy, year & a half old, neutered cat. His name is Frisco and he is my best friend:
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Hello and a warm welcome to you and Frisco, and what a special kit he is
Its great here, theres lots to do and see, it soon becomes a full time job

Well enjoy the forums and keep us updated about Frisco !
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Welcome! Frisco had a sad beginning, but atleast he was saved! What other pets do you have?

(I know all about feral catching..its something I have mastered!lol)
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welcome to the cat site..u will love it here Frisco is soo lucky to have u he is such a cutie too I cant wait to see more photos...we love photos here cant wait to see u on the forums
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Thanks everyone for your warm welcomes.

If you want to see more Frisco photos, I have some here in the Cat Lounge.
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Originally Posted by Punkygirl0101 View Post
Welcome! Frisco had a sad beginning, but atleast he was saved! What other pets do you have?

(I know all about feral catching..its something I have mastered!lol)
I also have an Australian Cattle Dog, Charlie.

(And for those of you who are a member of Chazhound, yes, this is Aus)

And I have a Betta Fishy, Kipp. He lives in a 5 gallon tank, all to himself.
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Beatiful dog!

And I have a Betta Fishy, Kipp. He lives in a 5 gallon tank, all to himself.
Not meaning to criticize, just educating, but 10 gallons is recomended! 5 gallons is better than those cups, and 1 gallon tanks, but they really should be in 10. My betta Finn is in a 10, before he was kept in a tiny bowl by a friend of my moms..and he is much happier! I plan to get a 30 gallon for him, and a few schools of mollies!
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Actually, I think 5 gallons is plenty big. He seems very happy, and many bettas don't get to live in large tanks. I am also a member of a betta forum and they recommend at least 2.5-3 gals.

(What happened to my picture? Maybe it was to large? I'll resize it, I ment to in the first place.)
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Hello frisk!!! You will learn lots from this board! Glad to have you here!
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Welcome to TCS

I'm LuLu and I own two moggie kittens called Max and Billy

Hope you enjoy being a member

LuLu x
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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you and your fur and fin family to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions
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Everyone is so friendly and helpful here.
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hello! welcome to TCS! hope you have a great time here! i know i do.

thank you for giving frisk a second chance at life. frisk is beautiful!

i have a year and a half old female cat, peanuts, who used to be feral. i caught her with my hands as well. (well, me and a couple others)

then i have Socks, who used to be a stray. he's around 8.

well, those are my furbabies! hope to see you posting lots!
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to the site!
We are so glad that you have joined us If you need any help as you make your way around the forums, please let me know by sending me a private message. Simply click on my user name. I will be happy to help in any way I can
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Hi Amy. Welcome to TCS. Frisco and Charlie are cuties. Thank you for saving Frisco.
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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Hey Frisk! Glad you made it over here from the Chazhound forums! (I am AnimalLoverCatRescuer there!!)

This really is a great forum! I don't usually post here but I came searching for you to say hi. BTW your Betta is so cool looking! I had a Betta that lived 2.5 years and we have about 5 at school that are approaching or over 3 years old. Which I hear is rather old for Bettas. But for the record, they all live and have lived their whole lives in those tiny Betta Bowls. That are all healthy and happy!

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Welcome Amy and Frisco

to TheCatSite! THANK YOU, Amy, for rescuing Frisco (who's very handsome, by the way -- but then, I expect you know that! ), getting him neutered, and caring about feral cats. We love ALL cats here -- all 9 of us are rescued from the streets (well, two from the desert and 7 from the streets) -- and our purrson has lived with, loved, advoCATed for, and rescued cats all her life, including ferals. It's great to meet you both! Hope you enjoy the forums, and hope to see you here a lot!
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Aww, your babies are beautiful! What a great story about how you got Frisco! I don't think that's the prescribed method for trapping ferals!

Welcome to TCS
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Welcome to TCS, Frisco is gorgeous
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