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Floriduh voters

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What is wrong, with people in Florida? First, they can't punch a hole, in a piece of paper. Now, they can't put their fingers on a spot on a video screen.

Perhaps, a gridded ballot and a Bingo dabber would get the job done!
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I should think after the last time, they would have learned their leson! Guess NOT!
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Make that Flori-duh Democrats...... Some of us didn't even GO to the polls last week. Although, from what I understand, this time it wasn't the voters, but the folks running the show!
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I know this joke is a couple of years old but I couldn't resist posting it. I hope no one is offended.

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LOL Lorie! I remember that one. How about this?

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Too funny!!!!
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I don't know how Janet Reno could think that she'd win the governor's seat. Her opponent could campaign on just three words: "Waco" and "Elian Gonzales".
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The really bizarre thing is that although the whole Elian thing took place in Miami, that is the area where she is garnering the highest number of votes. It is also the area in question in all this recount stuff. As to a slam campaign, it simply doesn't exist. All 3 Democratic candiates are being as nice as they can be to one another. The political analysts reason that they are showing a united front because no matter who wins the primary, the others will need to jump in and back the winner in order to oust Governor Jeb Bush.

As far as I'm concerned, the Democrats could put up Mickey Mouse, and I'd vote for him. I just found out about the hoops I have to jump through to "qualify" for a pay raise that I only have a 10% chance of receiving.....

Jeb had GOT to go!
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I like the Florida voting method where they use the pre-school blocks, shaped like a circle, square, and triangle, and you slide it in the correct hole.
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