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My new addition!

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She's been at the shelter here since approx. the 1st of November. She has had URI after URI, treated 2x with Terramycin, 1x with Clavamox, 2 or 3 x with Baytril. Before her last Baytril treatment, she was healthy long enough to get spayed. Yesterday, I noticed her getting weepy again. She doesn't tolerate being medicated easily. She has a UTI currently & is on Clavamox, but the Clavamox just won't lick the URI. She is so stressed that she kept getting one thing after another, from URI to UTI. So, I adopted her. She will be a barn cat, but I feared(as I had heard some things), that if she got sick again, regardless of being spayed or not(therefore she could be a farm cat), she would be euthanized. I was not about to let that happen to this doll!

Meet Molly!

I don't have any pics of her, that's her petfinder one. I'll get some soon, I promise. She's sweet & rubs her head on everything, but jittery. She was trapped in a feral colony, but was always friendly & outgoing(at least until she got medicated over & over). She is still very friendly, she's just funny about how she shows it. She head butts everything & you'd think it would hurt!

Believe it or not, Molly spent at least two months in the shelter with a mustache & dipstick on the tip of her tail & no one adopted her. So many people looked at her & said "Oh my god! A mustache, how cute! Where are the kittens?" They then adopted a kitten rather than my baby girl Molly.
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Oh Bless her heart, she's adorable!
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Congratulations on getting Molly! She is precious. Put her on some Transfer Factor to build her immune system!
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I've never heard of that, I'll have to do some research. I did start her on wet food since she has a UTI & have been giving her 500 mg Lysine a day(in 2 doses). Hopefully, I can get her healthy! I feel bad that she'll be a farm cat, but I took her outside today in my arms & she got so excited! I know she'll do well, esp. since she'll be in the garage or shop most of the time, not just loose outdoors.
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awe what a gorgeous girl she is soo happy to find someone like u she sounds like such a great addition...and she is soo cute and gorgeous
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Oh, look at the little mustache
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Molly's a beauty. I'm so glad she's found a home with you.
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I took pics now that she's calmed down some!

And she must've enjoyed the canned food!

I don't know if she's a Molly, so I've been trying other names on her. So far, no luck! She's a doll, though! Unfortunaly she has started sneezing this afternoon & her eyes seem even more weepy than they were when I brought her home. I'm calling the vet in the am. to see what he says. I'm going to be sure she's healthy before I even start transitioning her to living outside again!

ETA: She has a white tip to her tail & white hairs scattered throughout her tail. It's so cute!
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Awww! She's so pretty!
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What a beauty!!!
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Aww, I just saw this! She's adorable! How is she doing now?
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She's doing well. I had to switch from terramycin to a triple anti biotic eye ointment. Tuesday her 14 days of that will be up. Her eye is still a little weepy, but mostly because she rubs her face on everything & gets it irritated. This means that soon she will have to go outside. Not for a few more weeks, though, the way the weathermen are talking. It's going to be bitterly cold & she's been living inside for almost 3 months now.

I'll hafta take more pics of Molly soon!
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How did I miss this before!? She's so cute!! love that mustache too
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