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Friday's the Day!

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Got a voice mail, from Mark (I worked last night). The wedding is Friday, at Sam's parents'. I guess they took the news about the baby OK.

We're back to phone tag. I got Mark's machine, this morning and told him to call Bill's cell, if its after 1:30. Need details, to get MY parents there.

Fortunately, I work day shift, Friday and won't need to take the day off. I'm taking a camera and will post pix ASAP.
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Cindy - sounds like good news, but I am confused
Who is getting married?
I probably missed a post that explains...and if so I am sorry!
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Deb, her son is getting married!

Cindy, I am sure it will be a beautiful wedding! can't wait to see pics!
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This was short notice. Its a good thing, that I have the next two days off. Have to get my hair cut, buy a tie for Bill AND do my regular shopping. I had plans to go buy work clothes and bras, tomorrow. Will just add the other stuff to it.

Bill doing Western: we bought him a black shirt, with silver stripes and, today, I got him a blck vest, embroidered with silver stars and silver buttons, shaped like US Marshals' badges. Its a nod to his Texas heritage. Besides, with his silver mane and blue eyes - he looks great!

Good thing, that I had bought my dress, a couple of months ago. I, already, had shoes and a purse, to match (darn).

Need to coordinate with my parents. I think that we're the only family that Mark will have there. His father hasn't been around, since he was born and my brothers would just embarrass everyone.
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How exciting for you. It may be pushed up a bit because of the baby, but since they were planning on getting married anyway at least you know it is for all the right reasons. I'm sure it will be a beautiful ceremony, and we would love to see pics. Sounds like Bill will look great in that western outfit. Sounds like Sam Elliot in one of his western roles.
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Thats such good news!! Congratulations to them both!!

Hubby and I got married at kind of a spur of the moment thing too. It all worked out well even though we didn't have a lot of family there. We were engaged, then hubby was going to move back home and we thought that it was the right thing for us to get married if I was going to live with him. (we decided on a Tuesday that we were going to get married and we did on the following Friday)

Post pictures as soon as you can.
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Been running around, like crazy. Been to four stores, looking for the right tie. Enough, already! He's going with a silver-grey silk scarf. All of the ties, that I found were black or red.

Talked to my dad, this morning. They're going to meet at our house and convoy down. Mark will meet us, on the highway and lead us to his place. St. David is a rural community, founded by Mormons, in 1877. Mark lives on 16 acres, on the San Pedro River and I'm not sure if I can find the place. I told my dad to drive his truck because we will have to drive THROUGH the river.

The San Pedro has been, mostly, underground since an earthquake, in 1893. It runs 6" - 2' deep, in places and there is quicksand. Mom's Lincoln Mark VIII is NOT built for fording rivers!

I wasn't THIS dithery, over my own weddings.
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Great news! Congrats to them and to you! Please share some pics with us soon.

XOXO from Jedi!
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I got everything done TODAY: new work clothes and underwear, haircut, Bill's tie, gas in my car AND bought groceries. This means that I can goof of, tomorrow!

I don't even have to cook, tonight. Bill's in that caveman, throw-meat-on-the-fire mode!
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Cindy and Bill, have a wonderful, wonderful time. You must be so proud.
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c o n g r a t s ! to the Happy Couple ! Don't worry, All will work out ! Hope you have great weather on Friday !!!
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Best wishes for a wonderful marraige for your son!
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CONGRATULATIONS!! Sounds like you've done a great job getting everything together on short notice. It would be so wonderful if you have nice weather! Sending best wishes to all.
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Thanks, everyone. I just got off of the phone. Mark was getting fitted for his tux. Looks like everything's a go.
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Can't wait to see the pictures! Hope it went well!!!
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Went off, OK. I am now a mother-in-law. The full moon came up, just as the ceremony started - good timing.

My pix of the ceremony are too dark to see anything. I'm going to play with them, on the computer and see if I can lighten them up. If not, I'll get prints of the "official" pix and make my own prints.

I DO have some good ones of Mark, my parents, Bill and me.

We had to leave early - Bill and I both had to work, Saturday. He had 11 hrs. and I had 10. Needless to say, we were both out of it, last night. I'm off, tomorrow and will get the pix scanned and posted.
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Cindy, I'm so glad it all went well. Can't wait to see the pictures. I always cry at weddings, they're so beautiful!
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Glad it went well!!! I can't wait to see pics!

PS...guess what we got in Iowa now....Dark choc. KitKats.. I know that's totally off the subject, but had to tell you!
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Oh Debby! Yummy!!!! I wonder if they'll ever reach our shores???
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