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Videos of TTP&B

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Soome videos that I uploaded to Google incase anyone wants to see TTP&B
Just please ignore my jabbering........I do talk to them alot!





If you want to see anymore, let me know!
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The ice machine one was so cute!
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Those were cute Susie, I can't get mine to sit still for pictures let alone video
Now mine do they same thing with the Ice Maker and the Can opener.
Tell them Babys there up for an Academy Award
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Very cute! Thanks for sharing. Does Bailey do something funny when he hears the ice maker? I'd like to see that.

Great video. I'm going to try Google video with my videos. The quality is better than Photobucket.
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The ice machine was so cute and I loved the first one where Petals was having quite the conversation with you!
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What do you mean IF we want more?! Of course we do! We all TTP&B!!! Billy kept perking up his ears whenever Petals started talking. Maybe we have a romance brewing. And you have the most wonderful voice - I always sound really weird on videos.
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More! More! More!

You know I love the videos of your babies! They have so much purrrsonality!
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adorable...as always Susie!
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Great videos...My cats come running when I use the ice maker because I slide them across the floor and they chase them down into the basement
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Glad you like them......if you want more, I'll post more tonight! I just love those guys....can you tell?
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