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Putting Cat to sleep at home

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i've had Haley cat for 23 years ... and she just can't make it anymore.

can't walk ... very sick

for reasons that i don't want to go into ... taking her to the vet to be put to sleep is not an option.

i take her food to her everyday and hold it under her nose so she can eat every day ..... been doing this for months.

Her back legs just won't work anymore

it's breaking my heart

is there some painless way to put her to sleep at home?

i just don't want her to hurt anymore.

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Call your vet and see if they will make a house call. Doing anything other than that at home isn't really, IMO, considered to be humane.
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Yes, I second what Gaye said. See if you can find a vet to make a house call. Sorry you're having to go through this.
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I agree with Gaye, get your vet to do a house-call, this happened to us with our dog, the vet was very understanding and came along do the most appropriate thing. If fact I found the whole process, whilst very, very sad, very dignified & private.
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Aww, I do hope you can find a vet to do a housecall for you, this must be such a hard time for you. Good luck, and thank you for wanting to do what is right by your baby
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So sorry to hear that. We had Fluffy for 21 years. Starting at around 15 I started preparing myself for "the day" whenever it came, and I new then that putting her down at home was a MUST. Also, having private cremation was a must. She went down hill fast, fast growing tumor in her mouth. It was a week before the vet could get to my house, it that week was wonderful! It was so surreal. I truly believed she knew what was going on and she was grateful. That week she climbed in my hubby's lap (she never did that) and demanded attention. Also, we noticed a "pep" in her step and she even started playing. I truly think she was ready to go and happy knowing it was coming. She stayed in my arms the entire time and I cradled her and rocked her until it was over. Heartbreaking yes, but reliving as well.

Sending peaceful vibes your way

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I'm so sorry to hear about Haley. I know how hard it must be but please don't let her suffer. Many vets will make a "house call" and put her down for you at home. Give her hugs and kisses from me, sweet girl.
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Oh Bless sweet Haley, 23 years that is really amazing. I really hope you can find a vet that can put her at rest in your home. I am so sorry
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I agree, call around and have a vet come out to put her to sleep.

I'm very sorry that the time has come to say goodbye to your friend
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If it is financial reasons consider calling the humance society...My friend did that and they did a euth for 25 or so(they just "disposed of body" with the rest of the shelter animals...but they offered her option of taking body home. she was able to stay as shot was given.
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Haley cat passed away today at 4p.m.


May 11, 1983 to January 8, 2007

she waited until i brought her food down to her ... she couldn't eat, so i just stroked her head for awhile.

Then she relaxed and was gone.

i must of laid on the ground crying like a baby for an hour.

buried her in her favorite shady spot in the backyard, where she used to stalk the occasional butterfly.

~The Broken Hearted~
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Thanks to all for the kind replies

be well
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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Just know that Haley isn't suffering any more, she's whole and healthy and waiting over the rainbow bridge. You had a lot of good, quality years with her and she was truly loved.
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Oh Dennis I am so very sorry. Rest in Peace Haley. You are whole and healthy now. Play happily and look over your family for they surely love and miss you now.
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I am so sorry for your loss

RIP Haley
play happily darling, you are now at peace

i will move this to the crossing the bridge forum
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Dennis, Sweet Haley is another beautiful angel in Heaven now watching out for you, waiting to be reunited with you again someday. I am so sorry.
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Dennis My Heart goes out to you in your time of pain. It is never easy to loose part of your family.
Dear Sweet Haley Know that your Dad misses you so very much his Heart is broken and keep an eye out or him.
RIP Sweet girl over the Rainbow Bridge, Bless Your Heart and Play Happy and Healthy at the Bridge
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Dennis I am soo sorry for ur loss at least she Haley isnt suffering any more and she can now play happily over the rainbow bridge

R.I.P. Haley
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Oh goodness, 23!. Dennis after all those years of having your little girl, i can only imagine the heartbreak you must be going through

Haley you precious girl, all the kitties at Rainbow Bridge are going to love having you there so they can listen to all your wonderful stories

Play happily sweet girl and know that you were loved so much

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I'm so sorry Dennis, I can't imagine losing my best friend of 23 years. Holding you in my prayers - play happily Haley.
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Rest in Peace sweet Haley. Know that you are loved and missed and will be welcomed joyfully at the rainbow bridge.
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My condolences on your sad loss.

Rest in peace Haley; Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm so sorry. What a wonderful life you gave to Haley to have her in your life for 23 years, she was truly blessed to have you. Rest in peace sweet Haley.
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I am so sorry to hear about Haley.

May she rest in peace!

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss, RIP little one, but you must have given her a wonderful life to get to that age.
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Oh my I was sorry to read the latest about Haley you will have some wonderful memories from 23 years of love in time those memories will make you smile again

RIP Precious Haley, run and play with your new fur-family, there are some special kits already there and they will look after you
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Oh Dennis, I'm so very sorry about Haley She certainly must have had a wonderful life with you.
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Dennis, sorry to hear you lost your kitty. The pain eases with time.
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I'm sorry for your loss Dennis. RIP Haley.
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