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A Hero among us...

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This kid was brought up right, too bad tough...

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What a kid, but such a sad tragic ending, there is a special place for this boy.
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wow. that's so sad! yes, he's in a special place...
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That is so sad, but he died doing what he thought was the right thing to do, I would have done the same thing.

People have always told me I was crazy if I was to do something like that, but I would go in a burning building after a child or any other human (except one of my husbands sisters), and I would do the same thing for an animal.
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I've told hubby numerous times that if we ever have a fire, he gets Twig and Isis and I get Luna and Rocket and neither one of us comes out without two cats or I'll go back to get them no matter what.
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I know what you mean about that.

Years ago our fire department handed out some reflective things to put in a window, they were tot finders, if you had a fire in your home and the firemen shone the light on the windows, this little thing would show up real good, I still have them on my windows, so they would always hafta go in my house. I always hoped that if they did they would find my pets.
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