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Kitten Noises?

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Im new to this site, just wanted some advice about my kitten.
She just over 6 months old her name is Zorro.
She is an indoors (at the moment) tabby moggy and we got her when she was 8 weeks old she is really active and really loving.

Recently she has started being more noisy like meowing more often but more strangely doing smal "yelp" like sounds? They sound really weird-Ive had cats before and Ive never heard a cat making these sounds. She makes the noise mainly when she is looking out the window or when she is running about!

Anyone have any ideas? Or know the noises that Im talking about?

Thanks,Below is a pic of little Zorro

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Hi!! welcome to TCS

My first question is your kitten spayed yet?

If she is you could just have a very vocal kitten. My kitten Sydney is 7 months old and tears around my house yowling up a storm
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thank you!

I should of said in my first post but no-she isnt spayed. She will be getting spayed soon-do u think this is whats causing it?
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She's at the perfect age to be going into heat (I have heard of some kittens going into heat as early as 4 months) I would say that if this is new behaviour for her than that's probably what is going on. Just be very very careful that she doesn't get outside.
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At 6 months old it's a VERY good possiblity she's coming into heat and you DON'T want her to get pregnant. So please scheduled a spay ASAP.

Cats have many different meows and chirps
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