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Any 'Sugarland' Fans Out There?

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For those who don't know, 'Sugarland' is a country music group. They have two albums-"Twice The Speed Of Life" and "Enjoy The Ride". I have both, and really like their music. One of my favorite songs is on the 2nd albums. It's "Mean Girls". That song cracks me up. My brother HATES country, but he loves that song. Anyone a fan?
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Not really, but my boss and her husband are! Except that my boss makes fun of the girls expression when she sung one song at the CMA awards last year (or the year before maybe?). I'm not a die hard country fan, I like lots of music styles though.

Edit: The reason my boss makes fun of the girl is because her husband thinks she's 'hot.'
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I just got their newest cd for Christmas. My fave song is Sugarland which talks about Sugarland Tx which is right down the road! lol

Mean girls is pretty cute too-- I listen to the cd several times a week on my way to and from work.

I had free tickets to see them in concert last summer but hubby wanted to go to the movies that nite. I ended up giving the tickets away-

It took him a couple of days to realize how bummed I was about missing that concert. I think he tried to make it up by buying me the cd as a stocking stuffer.
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amitya, you had FREE tickets to their concert?? I would have loved to have them.
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You know I just recently heard of this band and really need to get ahold of some of their stuff.

The funny thing is, the girl in the band, Jennifer Nettles, used to have "The Jennifer Nettles Band" in Georgia and I used to go see her all the time in bars and have all of her CDs. I used to think that she was awesome and was going to make something of herself one day.

About a month ago I opened up a magazine and saw her pic inside as being a part of this new band. Way to go Jennifer!!

Add: She also used to be part of a band called Soul Miner's Daughter.
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I didn't know Jennifer had another band! I'd like to get some of the CDs.
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Here's a link to where you can buy them.

Jennifer Nettles Band

Story of Your Bones is my favorite album. Gravity Drag Me Down is good too. Rewind doesn't really have anything new on it so don't waste your money. Haven't heard the acoustic one yet.
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