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some pics

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just some pics
eazy going would you please hurry up,

Hey whats this thing

maybe if i poke it.
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awe what a bunch of cuties i the picture of eazy but all the pictures are soo cute and eazy and heyu are just adorable the last one is funny it reminds me of stormie trying to stick her paws in the guniea pigs cage but then she sleeps on it shes weird what can i say
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Cute. What's that he's poking? Is it an aquarium that you put there to provide him with hours of fun and enjoyment?
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yea, i just had just cleaned it, and was letting the water set some before i put the gold fish back in.

it used to be up higher and cats could not even see it, but i moved it to my desk.
hehe i missed the pic with heyu standing on top of it.

hehe tell stormie No poking the little furry pets
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Awww look at those babies
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Great pics, Bruce! I love how you got a really clear pic of Heyu's profile and of course baby Eazy Heyu looks super shiny!
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