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oh i thought of a couple more i have.
i have really bad allergies, so i have to take a couple of medicines each day. for some reason i think that i will die if i take more then one a day (even though i know i wont) so before i take my medicine, i have ot sit there and go over my day to be POSITIVE that i havn't taken my medicine, even though i know i already havn't!!! it's a really annoying habit but i cant seem to stop...dont know if this is OCD related or not...
oh and every morning i MUST look out the window, even though i already know what i'm gonna see...
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I do make lists of errands to run as its 20 miles from home and I don't want to forget a task. (working on one for tomorrow)
The worst thing I did was I couldn't remember if the garage door shut after I backed the vehicle out. So I would be up to a mile away-I'd turn around and check (it was ALWAYS CLOSED!!!) Anyhow I changed my routine to backing out of garage, hit the closer button, put on seat belt while closing-these last two tasks took about the same time. I then look up -door closed and away I go!!
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