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Dog bedwetting (need advice please)

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This is about a colleague's dog, a small breed of dog, either West Highland or Scottie (she didn't mention what breed but I know these are the breeds she has). Anyhow, he peed in his sleep, something which he's never done before.

The puddle was smaller than usual, maybe palm sized. Has this happened to any of you before? Could it have been caused by him dreaming, or is it a sign of health problems? She is hesitant to take him to the vet because while he's usually a fearless boy, he's terrified of vets and she doesn't want to traumatise him unnecessarily.

She did mention that when the "bedwetting " happened, it was 4 am, close to the time he normally wakes her up to open the bedroom door so he can go pee. I would appreciate any advice very much indeed
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How old is he?
I would say a vet check is definitely in order, especially if this is a male dog as it could be prostate related.

My little dog, a female, started getting incontinent around 14 years old.
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Thanks for the quick reply Arlyn, I've texted my colleague asking her how old her doggy is but she hasn't replied. I'm hoping she's taken him to the vet. I'll update if she replies.
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It's possible that this was related to something happening in the dog's sleep but not probable.

What you describe is called incontinence and happens when a dog urinates without realising it. The main giveaway is the absence of any pre-pottying behaviour - circling, sniffing, squatting (obviously).

Dogs are inherently clean animals and will not pee where they sleep or eat if they can possibly help it. A sign of incontinence is when a dog will pee where they are and continue to lie in it - they don't even know they've done it.

There are a variety of reasons for incontinence and it is more common in bitches than male dogs. Usually it is because of a urinary tract infection but can be due to cystitis or post-spay incontinence in bitches.

I would take him to the vet, because he could have a festering infection that may lead to all kinds of other problems such as struvite crystals if not treated. Also, your friend may not know if this is the only time it has happened, and when a UTI leads to incontinence (if that is the primary cause) then it's far gone enough to warrant a course of antibiotics.
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