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nail/clipping question.

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I clipped gabriel's back claws tonight and I noticed that he has some dried blood inside the nail towards the part the retracts.

Rough playing?

Also i have a question. I clip their nails..always have...what happens if you cut too short and they bleed? What are you supposed to do? I know for birds a little cornstarch will do wonders.clip
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He might have caught the nail on something. I would keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get infected.

And the cornstarch works just as well on cats.
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ok good to know...I've had sephie break a nail and i didn't notice until it was already over. I noticed blood in the bathroom and the bathtub and freaked but everything was all dried up and I kept checking it.
I'll keep an eye on his nails. They were really long, seems like they just grew overnight or something!
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A groomer who used to do my dog's nails told me you can also use flour to stop the bleeding if you clip a nail too short.
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What kind of scissors are you using?
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If his nail was long he probably got it caught and that started the bleeding. My Maverick has this happen to him almost weekly because he is such an active one! He probably doesn't even feel anything.

When clipping the nails, I always try to undertrim them, and so far we haven't had any problems but you need to clip them more frequently if you just nip off the tip like I do.
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We always had to carry our beloved Sambo to the vet to have his nails clipped, he wouldn't let us do it. We don't clip Opies either, we carry him to the vet too.
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