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The CHAMPIONSHIP Bowl is Monday!

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Alright I know there are some college football fans out there.

A bunch of my good friends are in Arizona right now gone to see the game in person.

We have a 12-0 season, but do you guys think we'll win? Who are you rooting for, OSU or Florida?


And tangentially, does anyone outside of our little bubble know about the uproar over student tickets? Think its absurd that students got the school tickets through a lottery that was not publicly announced and was done while most students were away at winter break? That we had a better chance of winning tickets from Tostitos than buying tickets through the school? (Okay that last one was exaggerated, but seriously lots and lots and lots of people who wanted to go can't unless their parents buy them the whole package, which is really expensive).
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I'm pulling for FL, only cause Chris Leak is a local guy. I also hope they win so Boise State can get the Championship as the only undefeated team.
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Well, if you're pulling for Fla, can you also pray for a riotless Monday night for me? You know, I have to live here!

It's okay to root for Florida, nobody's perfect
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lol what i dont understand why is the game in the middle of jan,
and on a monday. at the way they keep doing this. Soon the BCS game will be played in july.

hehe anyway hope its a good game
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Not rooting for OSU, BUT I am rooting against Florida.
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I will be cheering for Florida, because they are in the SEC.
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